Sage Live Features

Sage Live Features and Advantages

Built on the Salesforce Platform, Sage Live is a master of real-time accounting. Sage Live features multiple powerful abilities, allowing you to automate many processes and tasks, freeing you up to focus on the value added tasks. The ability to access Sage Live on multiple devices means you have more freedom than ever before.


Sage Live Features Easy-to-use Accounting

A silo free cloud accounting solution across the business. Available for you to manage across devices.

  • Multi-dimensional nominal ledger
  • Bank feed reconciliations
  • Multiple currency
  • Journal records for all transactions
  • Invoice entry and approvals done on mobile devices
  • Malleable chart of accounts
  • Multiple companies

Sage Live Features Live Dashboards and KPI Scoreboards

Sage Live features visual comparisons of your organizations performance. This allows you to focus on improving the business, and make the most of potential opportunities available.

  • Financial metrics, customer data, and KPIs at your leisure
  • Cash flow reports tailored to your business
  • Scoreboards across companies
  • Balance sheets
  • Customized journals
  • Tracking of expenses
  • Supplier reports
  • Customer Statements
  • Profit and loss Reports
  • Aged credit report
  • Aged debt report
  • Trial balance

Sage Live Features Automatic feeds

Automated accounting banishes the paperwork and manual input of data entry. Freeing you of repetitive tasks and processes, giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best.

  • Automatic cheque writing
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Automatic reporting
  • Automate recurring transactions
  • Live data feeds
  • Up date Chatter notifications and feeds
  • Bank Feed
  • PayPal feeds
  • Sage Pay

Sage Live Features Receive payments

Numerous options for receiving and handling your payments. All in one simple and secure cloud based service.

  • Purchase Invoices through Journals
  • Supplier Payments made online via PayPal
  • Credit Notes through Journals
  • Print cheques
  • Produce suggested Payments
  • SPS & Sage Pay
  • Provides choice of method to pay
  • Company specific payment terms

Sage Live Features Account Payables & Invoices

Manage your Trade Payable Accounts in one quick, and simple location..

  • Pay your supplier invoices
  • Migrate invoices easily for current customers
  • Edit invoices with free Text
  • Supress tax on invoices
  • Process sales invoices simply and easily
  • List views for both Prices and Products
  • Attached PDF invoices to emails
  • Use of SPS & SP to ‘Pay Now’
  • Convert your Salesforce Quotes, Orders and Opportunities to Invoices
  • Produce PDF Invoices

Sage Live Features Always Connected

The ability to access data from across the organisation, where ever you are when ever you like.

  • Integration with Apple iWatch
  • iOS Devices supported
  • Smart Capture
  • Enter your transactions through journals
  • Integrated with Salesforce Chatter
  • Allow Notifications
  • Input invoices and produce reports through your mobile devices
  • iOS features such as 3D Touch: Quick Actions, & Peek & Pop
  • iOS Multitasking
  • Integrations with your favorite apps
  • Robust cloud infrastructure (99.9%+ uptime).

Sage Live Features API

Sage Live is simple to customize to your organizations needs. As it’s integrated with the Salesforce App Cloud, it brings with it thousands of apps.

  • Live API feeds
  • Integration with SF App Cloud
  • Journal API
  • Dimension API
  • Tax API
  • Shared API
  • REST APIs –Journal & Dimensions
  • Kimble integration

Sage Live Support

You should want to call us, but hopefully never need to so, we hand pick our support heroes for their love of problem solving and their passion for customer service.


Sage Live Pricing

Sage Live is built to be tailored perfectly to you and your business. We know that not every user needs the same thing from the system and this is reflected in the pricing for Sage Live.


Sage Live Training

To ensure your organisation gets the most from all Sage Live has to offer, itas has developed a wide range of courses that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.