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Anchor Group Services Transforms Financial Operations with Sage Intacct and itas

Anchor Group Services is a key player in the highly competitive cleaning and security industry. With a diverse range of contracts across multiple sectors, they offer comprehensive solutions for both cleaning and security services. They required a financial system that would not only keep pace with their growth but also provide the flexibility and insight needed to meet the demands of their complex industry.


Industry: Cleaning & Security
Location: UK
Project Type: Sage Intacct Implementation
Previous Software: Sage 50 & Excel Spreadsheets

The Challenges Faced by Anchor Group

Delays in Financial Reporting

One of the most pressing issues was a consistent 6-8 week lag in financial reporting. This delay put the company at a disadvantage in a rapidly evolving industry.
Cumbersome Invoice Management

Anchor Group was bogged down by an inefficient invoice management system. The existing setup made it hard to track, approve, and manage invoices in a timely manner.
Complex Reporting Requirements

The multifaceted nature of the cleaning and security sectors brought with it intricate reporting requirements. This added another layer of complexity to an already challenging situation.
Budgeting Across Multiple Sites

Making budget-sensitive decisions across multiple sites proved to be an arduous task, further highlighting the inadequacy of their existing financial software.
"It’s been a really positive experience working with itas there is always a voice on the end of the phone or a quick response to an email. It’s that human touch, you get to know the people you talk to, you don’t get a different person every time you call, and you have that trust that if there is an issue, it will be sorted. I would definitely recommend itas as a Sage Partner. They have made the whole experience so much easier for us."
Lorraine Hiles, Commercial Director, Anchor Group Services
Why Sage Intacct?

After careful evaluation, Anchor Group Services selected Sage Intacct as their financial system of choice. This decision was grounded not just in the software’s robust functionality, but also in its ability to address the unique challenges posed by the cleaning and security industry. Sage Intacct stood out for its highly customisable reporting and budgeting capabilities, which are pivotal for contract and operational managers within the organisation.

Lorraine Hiles, Commercial Director, particularly praised Sage Intacct for empowering her team to have real-time oversight into site-specific budgets. For example, in a sector where small expenditures like cleaning materials can impact a contract’s profitability, Sage Intacct provides the detailed analysis necessary to make informed decisions.

Why itas?

itas went above and beyond to ensure that Anchor Group gained the maximum benefit from Sage Intacct, building a relationship founded on trust and long-term satisfaction.

From the onset, itas established themselves as more than just a vendor—they were a partner committed to the successful transformation of Anchor Group’s financial operations.

“itas were absolutely fabulous. They helped us every step of the way,” said Lorraine Hiles, the Commercial Director of Anchor Group Services. The itas team not only guided them through the nuances of Sage Intacct but also offered their expertise to tailor the system to Anchor Group’s specific needs. Moreover, itas excelled in helping Anchor Group optimise Sage Intacct’s features to better align with their business objectives. This included streamlining reporting mechanisms and providing solutions customised to meet the unique challenges in the cleaning and security sectors.

Sage Intacct's Impact

Rapid Financial Reporting
The transition to Sage Intacct has dramatically reduced the time needed for financial reporting from 6-8 weeks to just a single day, boosting efficiency.
Anywhere-Anytime Access
With Sage Intacct's cloud capabilities, Anchor Group Services' team can now access crucial financial data from anywhere, enabling agile decision-making.
Streamlined Invoice Management
The new system has simplified the invoice approval and payment process, making it more efficient and freeing up managerial staff for other tasks.
Expertise and Customisation
The synergy between Sage Intacct's robust features and itas’ deep industry knowledge has been pivotal in addressing the unique challenges faced by Anchor Group in the cleaning and security sectors.

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