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Welcome to CFO 4.0, the future of finance

Welcome to CFO 4.0, where we delve into the evolving role of Financial Leaders in the era of technology 4.0.

This podcast, hosted by Hannah Munro, Managing Director of itas, a Financial Transformation consultancy, explores the intersection of emerging technologies and the Finance sector. It's not just about the tools; it's about the skills needed to navigate and lead the change in Finance.

CFO 4.0 represents the Financial Leader of the future: a blend of strategic visionary and tech-savvy innovator. As the role of the CFO rapidly transitions from cost controller to strategic leader, every shift brings new opportunities. Join us as we provide insights and guidance from key experts, helping you to transform your processes, people, and data.

Embrace the opportunities, advance your career, and lead with confidence.
This is CFO 4.0, the Future of Finance.


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Latest Episode

180. Scaling Up FACE off: Breaking Venture Capital Barriers with David B. Horne

Join Hannah Munro as she interviews David B. Horne, Founder of Add Then Multiply and Funding Focus. With over 20 years of experience as a CFO, David shares his wealth of knowledge on fundraising, scaling businesses, and the challenges faced by diverse founders in the venture capital industry.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Insights from David’s extensive experience as a CFO across various industries and his transition to running his own business.
  • The current market difficulties, inherent gender biases, and the lack of diversity in the venture capital industry.
  • Exploring crowdfunding, angel investing, and family offices as viable alternatives for conservative growth plans.
  • David’s FACE methodology (Fund, Acquire, Consolidate, Exit) for driving business growth and successful scaling.
  • Key considerations and best practices for merging and integrating businesses post-acquisition.
  • The critical role of CFOs in financial modelling, scenario planning, and ensuring the financial health of the business.

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"Hannah and her talented guests talk all things business, but it is so much more than that! You'll get tons of actionable advice, and tangible tips, but you'll also get heaps of inspiration from truly engaging individuals that have been where you are and want to see you succeed. Thanks so much for putting out such a spectacular show for CFOs everywhere, Hannah - keep up the great work!"
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