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System Review and Improvement

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Our team of experienced dedicated consultants will get to know you and understand your business to help you take your Sage 200c system to the next level. With years of industry experience in CRM, process design, manufacturing and accounts, we have the knowledge you need to get the most out of your systems.

Our tried and tested methodology to improve your Sage 200 system

Any system requires continuous review and adjustment, so that it can grow with you and your business. Our team of expert consultants will look at your system in detail, analyse your current processes and design a plan of action to help you reach your goals. Each plan is individual to your business goals, whether it is increasing efficiency, improving reporting or delivering a quality service.

Setting goals
The first step in delivering the change that you want is to understand what you are trying to achieve. We know that every business is different and so we work with you to establish why you are looking to make improvements and what that system would look like. This could be increasing efficiency in sales order processing, reducing the number of mistakes, getting better information from your system or simply accessing the information you already have but faster and in a format that is useful.

Sage 200 Audit and Review
With your goals in mind, one of our expert team of Sage 200 consultants will do a deep dive into your Sage 200 system, processes and reporting. Sitting down with individuals and teams, they will analyse what, how and why your team work the way they do. Depending on the nature of your goals, they may also do timing, efficiency or error calculations so that we can establish a baseline for any improvements.

Developing your Sage 200 Action Plan
After identifying areas of improvement, they will work with your team to put together an action plan for any additional changes. These improvements can be anything from training on the use of particular Sage 200 features, developments or customisation or putting together reports for your team. It is all dependant on your goals and how you are currently using the system.

Calculating ROI and creating a business case for Sage 200 improvements
Changing and improving your system will always involve an element of costs but those costs need to be justified and deliver return on investment. We will work with you and your team to identify the ROI for the action plan we propose and put together a business case to support this

You can expect to achieve the following results from our Sage 200 Consultancy

A sage 200 system that helps your business meet its goals
A return on investment on any changes proposed
Improved effectiveness of your system
An engaged and enthusiastic team that know exactly what changes are being made and why

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Why choose itas as your partner?

At itas, we believe in working in partnership with you to deliver the perfect solution that you want and need for your business. As a multi-award winning Sage Partner, our approach is to help you maximise technology to transform the way you work.

  • We really know our stuff
  • We take the hassle away with effective project management
  • We help you get up and running quickly with training that delivers results
  • We are good people to work with that genuinely care about your business
  • We are just a phone call away with no automated queues
  • We are big enough to deliver, but small enough to care
  • We will ensure a smooth transition from your old platform to your new

The change to any new platform is a journey, and we will be on that journey with you, every step of the way.
itas multi award winning sage business partner

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