Sage 200 Standard Online

What is Sage 200 Standard Online?

Sage 200 Standard Online sits comfortably between Sage 50 and Sage 200 Extra. Utilising the simplicity of Sage 50, Sage 200 Standard offers an affordable accounting solution for businesses with 10 – 200 employees.

Sage 200 Standard Online allows businesses to grow, offering subscription prices and flexibility including features such as sales and purchase returns.

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Sage 200 standard online - simple accounting

Why should I use Sage 200 Standard Online?

With Sage 200 Standard Online you are able to get up and running quickly due to the option to pay a monthly subscription with no up front cost.

You also have the choice to pick how long your subscription runs for, one year or three years. By picking the three year subscription you get a discount, which works out cheaper in the long run.

By using a cloud based accounting software you are able to access your company data from anywhere at any time. An online solution may help your business save money when you’re thinking of upgrading your hardware.

Sage 200 Services

Sage 200 Services comes with Sage 200 Standard Online, this means you get expert support directly from Sage.

Sage 200 Services include Sage support, services and product experts whenever you need it. You get various benefits such as three customised reports a year, individually personalised to your business needs. You also get exclusive access to a library of webinars, helping you with a variety of areas of Sage including hints and tips and business advice.

Finally, you also get access to Sage 200 Ideas Hub. The hub allows you to contribute towards the future of Sage software, allowing you to contribute your Sage 200 ideas to help shape future products.

Can I trust the cloud?

Sage has worked alongside Microsoft to ensure complete data protection so there really is no need to worry!

Sage 200 Standard Online offers automated back-ups, so you don’t need to worry about keeping copies of your data.

Finally, there are a team of experts working round the clock to monitor the service you’re recieving from Sage so if you have any issues at all the experts are available 24/7.

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