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Your Partner in Overcoming Film Production Finance Challenges

Managing multiple clinics within your healthcare organisation requires precision, agility, and seamless financial oversight. Sage Intacct is a powerful, cloud-based financial management solution designed to elevate the way multi-clinic organisations operate.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Feeling overwhelmed by the monumental upfront investments required for every stage of production?
Wrestling with the unpredictable nature of revenue streams from box office returns, licensing agreements, and streaming rights?
Finding it difficult to maintain cash flow with the gap between expenses and revenue?
Navigating the intricate web of project-based finance, where each project has its own unique financial demands?
Juggling a variety of financing sources, from studio investments to independent investors and loans?
Grappling with the complexities of global distribution, including diverse regulatory landscapes and currency considerations?
Struggling to stay compliant with industry regulations and tax laws, while also meeting reporting requirements?

At ITAS Solutions, we understand the challenges you face. That's why we're here to help you navigate the financial maze of film production with confidence and ease.
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With Sage Intacct, our premier financial management solution, we offer tailored tools and expertise to address your specific needs. From streamlined budgeting and expense management to real-time insights and comprehensive reporting, Sage Intacct empowers you to take control of your production's finances and unlock its full potential.

Absolutely, let's delve deeper into how Sage Intacct can specifically benefit film production finance professionals:

Dimensional Reporting

Uncover hidden trends and opportunities within your production's finances by analysing data by title, scene, or even individual expense categories.

With Sage Intacct's dimensional reporting capabilities, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of where your funds are allocated and identify areas for optimisation, ultimately leading to more informed decision-making and improved profitability.

Profitability Analysis

Sage Intacct empowers you to analyse the profitability of each title or project, allowing you to identify which productions are generating the highest returns on investment.

Armed with this insight, you can optimise your resource allocation, adjust production budgets, and make strategic decisions that drive profitability across your entire portfolio of projects.

Budget Controls

Establish robust budget controls within Sage Intacct to ensure that your production stays within budget and manages spend and expenses efficiently.

With real-time visibility into budget status and automated alerts for budget overruns, you can proactively manage costs, mitigate financial risks, and maintain profitability throughout the production lifecycle.

Revenue Stream Management

Track revenue streams from various sources including cinema ticket sales, streaming royalties, merchandise sales, and more within Sage Intacct.

By consolidating all revenue streams into a single platform, you can gain a comprehensive view of your production's financial performance, identify revenue growth opportunities, and optimise your revenue-generating activities for maximum profitability.

Monitor Gross Revenue

Monitor gross revenue versus received revenue with Sage Intacct functionality.

By accurately assessing your production's financial performance against agreed-upon revenue targets, you can evaluate success, plan effectively for future projects, and ensure that your production remains on track to meet its financial goals.

Cash Basis Reporting

Gain real-time insights into your production's financial health with Sage Intacct's cash basis reporting.

By viewing financial data in terms of actual cash transactions rather than accrued revenue and expenses, you can make more accurate financial projections, improve cash flow management, and ensure greater financial visibility and control.

Project Cost Tracking

Track expenses down to the resource level, including event costs like set builds, with precision using Sage Intacct.

By accurately capturing and categorising project-related expenses, you can monitor costs, identify potential cost-saving opportunities, and ensure that your production stays within budget without sacrificing quality or creativity.

Complex Budgeting and Forecasting

Handle multiple cost centers and projects with ease using Sage Intacct's robust budgeting and forecasting capabilities.

By streamlining budgeting processes, accurately allocating costs and revenue, and generating comprehensive financial forecasts, you can proactively manage financial resources, optimise resource allocation, and drive profitability across your entire production portfolio.

Royalty and Revenue Management

Manage multiple stakeholders and entities seamlessly within Sage Intacct's royalty and revenue management module.

By automating royalty calculations, ensuring compliance with contractual agreements, and generating accurate reports, you can enhance transparency, reduce financial risks, and maintain trust and goodwill with stakeholders.

Multi-Entity Management

Gain full financial insight with multi-dimensional reporting across entities within Sage Intacct.

By consolidating financial data from multiple entities or productions into a single platform, you can streamline financial reporting processes, improve data accuracy, and gain a holistic view of your organisation's financial performance.

Compliance and Reporting

Stay compliant with industry regulations and streamline reporting for transparency and accountability with Sage Intacct.

By automating compliance processes, generating accurate financial reports, and maintaining audit trails, you can mitigate compliance risks, ensure data integrity, and demonstrate financial stewardship to stakeholders.

Cash Flow Management

Manage cash fluctuations, timing of expenses, revenues, and payment schedules with confidence using Sage Intacct.

By optimising cash flow management processes, forecasting cash flow projections, and monitoring liquidity, you can minimise financial risks, improve financial stability, and ensure that your production has the financial resources it needs to thrive.

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