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What is Sage CRM?

Sage CRM is a versatile and customisable Customer Relationship Management package that integrates across the Sage Portfolio. From Sage 50 to Sage 200, Sage CRM provides seamless connection across your business. Sage CRM enables you to manage your Marketing, Sales and Customer Service all in one place.

  • Customer contact manager
  • Case management system
  • Solutions Database
  • E-Marketing Campaign tracker
  • Sales Leads and Opportunities workflow
  • Pipeline forecasting

Read more about Sage CRM in our Ultimate Sage CRM Guide

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Close more sales with Sage CRM

Drive your team forwards and increase sales with a powerful CRM solution designed around you.
With Sage CRM, you get a powerful solution that is easy to customise and works around you and your team. This award-winning CRM software will help you accelerate your sales pipeline and increase your sales. You can choose from a number of deployment options – Cloud or Server Based depending on your business infrastructure.

Watch our free Sage CRM demo video, instantly

We have created an on-demand Sage CRM demo video for you to watch instantly. If you're not ready to speak to a Sage Specialist about a personalised Sage CRM demo why not watch our free video instead?

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Access Sage CRM from any device
Mobile, iphone, Android, ipad, Tablet or Laptop – Sage CRM has an optimised view for every device, to make accessing information easy!

Access Sage CRM from anywhere

Sage CRM can be deployed on premise or on the Cloud. Whichever choice you make, you can access your system remotely.

Manage your team better with Sage CRM

This award-winning CRM software will help you accelerate your sales pipeline, improve your customer service and give you the tools you need to manage your teams effectively.

Effective marketing with Sage CRM dashboards

We give you the tools you need to monitor the success of your campaigns in real time. Every lead, conversation and opportunity can all be linked back to a campaign activity to ensure that you know exactly how well you are doing.

Target your marketing efforts with Sage CRM

Fully customisable, Sage CRM allows you to segment your data in many ways. The groups function allows you to create sets of data to target, based on any of the custom fields that you create. use those groups for mail merges, e-marketing campaigns or outbound call lists. 

Set budgets and stick to them with Sage CRM
Track your budgets for each campaign activity and roll them up into your overall campaign budget. Track actuals vs budgets to ensure that you deliver a great campaign within your planned marketing spend.

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How much is Sage CRM?

The cost of CRM depends on your situation. If you are looking to buy a finance solution as well as CRM, Sage CRM can be offered complimentary as a full Sage 200 CRM solution, a powerful accounting system integrated with an equally as powerful CRM system. The only costs you would need to pay for Sage 200 CRM is for any additional users you may need.

If you are looking for a Sage CRM  solution, the price starts from £45 per user per month. 

Sage CRM is also available for Sage 50.

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