5 Reasons your Business needs a CRM System

In Sage CRM, Salesforce by Sophie Galtress

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CRM – What is it?

CRM stands for ‘Customer Relationship Management.’ This approach is used to allow a business to manage their client interactions, all in one place. This is used throughout sales, marketing, and customer service within an organisation. The CRM system can be integrated all into one, which in turn, makes lighter work for everyone throughout the business, which allows you to manage loyal relationships consistently with customers. CRM software gives you access to lead management for each project by using marketing automation tools, detailed reporting and much more. CRM systems can be completely tailored to a business, which will reduce the worry of such complex software designs.

How can I benefit?

The streamlining of your system integration will make increasing your revenue and profit much easier. This will grow your business in an organised way, improving efficiency throughout the entire business.

If you thrive on customer service as we do here at itas, then you’ll most definitely want to integrate a CRM system into your business. This will, in turn, streamline your business processes. By having a CRM system, it allows a relationship to form with your customers and all the information, which is shared, will be kept in one place.

Top 5 Tips for Using CRM

1. Let’s use CRM to streamline your Sales Process

We often hear from customers that life pre-CRM was tough! Imagine that many leads are currently being lost within the system and the sales team will be worried that their leads are falling through the cracks. Make sure you don’t choose a complicated situation; this will require far too much training and time for your team members.

Closing sales are the key component of a business. Therefore, you will need to ensure your system is configured as simply as possible. You can do this by keeping your data safe, in one place by using CRM, to win those opportunities.

2. Increases your business revenue and profit

This will co-ordinate all your customer data into one place, which ensures any conflicts which may arise, will be eliminated. Not only this, but it will help to close deals much faster as you’re using a system to facilitate quick responses to leads and information regarding your customers. Therefore, this will co-ordinate effective marketing campaigns across the business.

Many companies have used a CRM system to streamline their business process, which has proven to be highly beneficial.

The marketing platform used for your business should be highly effective to allow you to offer premium products to customers. This will give you a greater understanding of your customers’ needs and will improve efficiency.

CRM will allow you to access emails, phone numbers and calendar events all in one place. The sales, marketing, and customer service teams will use this to their advantage, as their information will be filtered into their pipeline. The whole team can work together to make the business more efficient by using this process.

3. Using the right CRM platform for your business

Choose the right product which tailors to your business. The business won’t be able to function without the right support/help desk platform. If you choose a simple CRM system, it’s easier to set up and easier to learn. By choosing a bigger CRM system, it might take a while to understand and set up, but it may cope better with growth and will essentially, give more back to your business.

Take some time to explore your business needs and which CRM system is best for you.

4. Customer loyalty is an important factor for any business, invest in it

CRM software can ensure customer relationships are maintained by using a low-cost system. This will allow your business to continuously grow for many years to come.

Have an effective internal system which allows you to communicate with your customers. Try using a CRM system which is integrated all into one place, which is used across the entire organisation.

5. Improved reporting and analytics, all in one place!

CRM systems will store all your data which has been entered into the system. This allows the software to analyse the data for you. You can generate automatic reporting to increase visibility across the business.

The dashboard views within CRM allows you to locate information for leads, sales, and customers, faster. This will allow your business to produce performance reports for each department or project. It’s an effective way to make decisions across the company.

You can ensure profitability is soaring and customer experience is maintained throughout each business process you take.


There are many CRM packages out there that you can choose from. Take the time to scope out exactly what it is your business needs and how those packages could benefit you. Enable your company to work smarter.

Your customers must be put first and in turn, your business will grow and your customers will be kept extremely happy.