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  • Achieve up to a 250% return on investment
  • Cut your monthly close by up to 79%
  • Reduce consolidations from weeks to minutes

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Sage Intacct is the #1 Cloud Financial System for Financial Services

Cut your close by up to 79% and automate your financial operations with Sage Intacct, the #1 mid-market Cloud accounting platform as rated by Gartner. Sage Intacct can help you transform your finance processes so you can spend less time on administration and more time on analysis. Financial Services firms need a holistic view of their business, Sage Intacct offers powerful real-time reporting so you can see what is happening in all areas of your investments.

Sage Intacct supports a variety of Financial Services firms, including:

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How can a demo be on-demand and personalised? We have pre-recorded a Sage Intacct demo that allows you to select the features that are important to you. Once you've selected the features you want to see, an interactive demo is instantly built just for you that showcases only the things you care about! And the best part? It's ready in seconds, completely on demand, with no human intervention!

Accounting Challenges Financial Services Firms Face

Frustrations can easily multiply in regard to your accounting system as your organisation grows. You may even find that your accounting system is a barrier to both growth and efficiency. It is so important for Financial Services firms to be in control as if not, it can lead to spiralling overhead costs, unnecessary risks and functional limitations.

Financial Services firms face challenges that could be combated by using the right software for their business. Some of these challenges include:

Manual Data Entry & Manual Processes

Financial Services firms tend to find that their finance teams time is wrapped up in admin over-analysis. This is due to time-draining manual processes such as importing and exporting data files, disconnected systems, manual data entry and lack of integration. Time is precious for Financial Services firms, with Sage Intacct you can automate your finance team so they can spend more time focused on maximising growth and profitability with automated processes and increased efficiency.

Lack of Visibility & Insight

Finance teams can spend hours and sometimes days building and producing reports, but by the time that they are produced, the information is already out-of-date. This impedes a Financial Services firms ability to grow and makes it hard to drive important decision making. Sage Intacct offers real-time visibility and insights, with interactive dashboards and powerful reports that are as up to date as the data you have entered. All data is drillable, and gives you visibility across both financial and statistical KPIs, allowing you to make those critical decisions, with confidence.

Laborious Audit Processes

In a heavily regulated industry such as Financial Services, it is important to ensure you have a clear and transparent audit trail that is easy to obtain rather than spending weeks gathering email chains, documents and notes dotted around. With Sage Intacct, your financial information is audit-ready with best-in-class auditing of inter-entity transactions containing detailed logs, authorisations and comments to ensure you are fully compliant with GAAP rules. There is also an integrated 'collaborative compliance' environment to ensure complete visibility and consistency between the front and back office.

Slow Month End Process

For many finance teams, month-end is one of the most stressful and time-consuming processes. Time is critical for Financial Services firms and taking weeks to close the books can become unmanageable. This can be due to not enough automation, lack of processes and complex spreadsheets and can be a drain on resources every month. With Sage Intacct, you can reduce your close time by up to 79% by streamlining and automating those manual processes, giving you reporting that is both accurate and in real-time.

Time Consuming & Manual Multi-entity Management

Managing multi-entity organisations can be challenging, made even worse if it is a manual process. Managing these manual processes is time-consuming, prone to human error and leads to poor reporting. With Sage Intacct, you can consolidate hundreds of entities in minutes, not days with real-time, consolidated reporting due to automatic inter-entity eliminations. Boost your productivity by more than 50% by automating your financial consolidation activities with Sage Intacct.

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Press the button below to bring up the calendar booking form and you can book a slot to speak to a Financial Services Specialist at a time and date that suits you. Once you submit the booking, the specialist will give you a call on the chosen date and time to have an initial chat about your business, current software, and how Sage Intacct may be able to help you.

Watch an on-demand demo of Sage Intacct for Financial Services organisations

This demo will give you an overview of the features of Sage Intacct specifically for Financial Services and how it can benefit your business. Just press play to start watching!

What is covered in the demo?

  • Introduction to itas
  • Overview of Financial Services organisations that use Sage Intacct
  • How Sage Intacct can help your Financial Services organisation
  • What trends are impacting Financial Services?
  • Sage Intacct's awards & recognition
  • How you can gain real-time insight
  • Consolidate 100s of entities in minutes
  • Automate your finance processes
  • Ensure compliance and auditability
  • What are your next steps after watching the demo

Why do Financial Services organisations choose Sage Intacct?

Over 670 Financial Services organisations have made the switch to Sage Intacct and not looked back, so why is this?

Sage Intacct is built to grow with your business, supporting multiple base currencies, reporting currencies, and tax legislations as well as supporting hundreds of thousands of entities.

Sage Intacct is a true Cloud solution with a 99.8% uptime guarantee. Not only that but they also offer a buy with confidence guarantee which ensures the software is secure, reliable, and available.

Sage Intacct takes automation to the next level with automatic bank feeds, an intelligent General Ledger that automatically identifies mis-postings, automatic journal creation through dynamic allocation, and automated pre-payment schedules.

Sage Intacct offers powerful integration capabilities with an open API. The best-of-breed solution allows for connection with existing APIs including out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce.
Success with Sage Intacct & itas

"If you’re considering making the leap to Sage Intacct, I definitely recommend it. I only wish that we’d actually come across Intacct a few years earlier than we had, we’re already really impressed with the changes, improvements and benefits that we’re getting from the system, we’ve been really impressed so I definitely recommend looking into it and reaching out to itas to help."

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The Benefits of Sage Intacct for Financial Services Organisations

  • Consolidate hundreds of entities in minutes, not days
  • Get real-time visibility of both financial and statistical KPIs in drillable interactive dashboards
  • Minimise reconciliations with automated inter-entity postings and automatic inter-entity eliminations
  • Automatically generate journals that allocate across entities, locations and departments
  • Implement full audit trails and digital authorisations

Sage Intacct modules for Financial Services

Why StreamBank chose itas and Sage Intacct

Why did they choose Sage Intacct?

"We choose Sage Intacct after a thorough tender process. Sage’s product stood out and we have not been disappointed since its implementation. Sage is very user-friendly, and the Free Sage University module is there for guidance on demand which is very helpful. The system is audit friendly from a business and auditor perspective making the process a lot smoother."

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Why was itas their preferred partner choice?

"ITAS was our preferred choice due to their presentation, standing out from the competition. We have been very happy with ITAS since choosing them as our preferred delivery partner. Any issues/queries we have are dealt with professionally and promptly which is drastically different to delivery partners I’ve worked with in the past."

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Speak to a Sage Intacct Financial Services Specialist

Use the form below to speak to a Sage Intacct Financial Services Specialist. Once you submit the form, the specialist will give you a call to have an initial chat about your business, current software, and how Sage Intacct may be able to help you.

Sage Intacct helped CoVenture cut their monthly close from 50-60 hours a month to lower than 6 and automate complex financial management across 30 profit centers:

"That 50 to 60 hours encompassed everything — the expense allocations that were tedious to do manually in Excel, the processes of booking revenue, the intercompany journal entries, and then accruing for liabilities. Sage Intacct has been a huge value to us. We close our books much more efficiently allowing us to make more informed decisions. I can focus my time on growing CoVenture, and not worrying about inefficiencies slowing us down."
Isaac Strulowitz, CFO, CoVenture

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Why choose itas as your Sage Intacct partner?

At itas, we believe in working in partnership with you to deliver the perfect solution that you want and need for your business. As a multi-award winning Sage Partner, our approach is to help you maximise technology to transform the way you work.

  • We really know our stuff
  • We take the hassle away with effective project management
  • We help you get up and running quickly with training that delivers results
  • We are good people to work with that genuinely care about your business
  • We are just a phone call away with no automated queues
  • We are big enough to deliver, but small enough to care
  • We will ensure a smooth transition from your old platform to your new

The change to any new platform is a journey, and we will be on that journey with you, every step of the way.