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Powerful modules to enhance your Sage 200 system

Sage 200 comes with a powerful core but also offers additional modules to help enhance your system and build out the features, ensuring that it suits your business needs. These modules can help with a range of areas, such as projects, stock, manufacturing and also advanced reporting tools. Explore the modules in more detail, below.

Sage 200 Financials

The core accounting ledgers of Sage 200, Purchase, Sales and Nominal Ledger as well as the Cash Book live in the Sage 200 Financials module. This module allows you to set up standing orders, direct debits and a chart of accounts so you can keep track of money in your bank accounts.

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Sage 200 Commercials

For all things stock, Sage 200's Commercial module specialises in effective stock management. The commercials module unlocks the stock control module, sales order processing, purchasing order processing and price book, giving you full control.

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Sage 200 Project Accounting

Allocate revenue and cost transactions to your project with Sage 200's Project Accounting module. The module fully integrates with the Financials & Commercials module and gives you full control across all your projects within Sage 200.

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Sage 200 Manufacturing

Sage 200 offers a powerful suite of manufacturing tools within the manufacturing module such as material and resource planning (MRP), kitting, estimating, works order processing (WOP) and project accounting. All of these tools will help you accelerate production and improve profitability.

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Sage 200 Bill of Materials (BOM)

Sage 200's BOM module provides the capability to give accurate costings and assemble stock items to give you greater visibility over your end to end production process, whilst also integrating with the nominal ledger and stock control modules.

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Sage 200 Reporting Tools

Sage 200 offers a wide range of powerful reporting tools to help you gain visibility across your business. The reporting tools include Microsoft Power BI, Business Intelligence Module, Excel Reporting and Report Designer module.

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How can a demo be on-demand and personalised? We have pre-recorded a Sage 200 demo that allows you to select the features that are important to you. Once you've selected the features you want to see, an interactive demo is instantly built just for you that showcases only the things you care about! And the best part? It's ready in seconds, completely on demand, with no human intervention!

Sage 200 helped Playdale improve customer satisfaction rates and improve sales with a 22% increase in quote conversion:

"Our inventory is consistently growing, and having Sage 200 accessible on multiple devices at any time is key to the smooth running of our business. Everybody in Playdale uses Sage 200 in everything that they’re doing. Sage 200 is key to the smooth running of our business, over the last few years, the company has improved factory efficiency by 11.8%."
Amanda Goebel, Senior Accountant, Halstatt

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