Sage 200c Modules & Enhancements

What are Sage 200c Modules & Enhancements?

Sage 200c modules and enhancements are prebuilt modules that you can bolt on to your existing Sage 200c package. Built by accredited Sage developers, they offer extended features to help you grow your business. Great value for money, they give you a much greater level of functionality for a fraction of the cost it would take to pay a developer to build it for you.

We personally review and vet all the modules & enhancements we offer to our clients before recommending them. Each of the following we either use ourselves internally or have clients that already use them and love them.

If you are looking for advice and guidance on the right Sage 200c modules and enhancements to help you reach your business goals, or some independent advice on the best solution for you, please give our friendly team a call on 0845 139 1300 to speak to one of our experienced consultants.

Sage 200 Document Management Enhancements
Find out more about the range of Document Management Enhancements

Sage 200 Expenses & Timesheets Enhancements
Find out more about the range of Expenses & Timesheets enhancements.

Sage 200 General Finance Enhancements
Find out more about the range of Finance enhancements for Sage 200.

Sage 200 Order Processing & Warehouse Enhancements
Find out more about the range of Order Processing & Warehouse enhancements.

Sage 200 Stock Enhancements
Find out more about the range of stock enhancements for Sage 200c.

Sage 200 Credit Control Enhancements
Find out more about the range of Credit Control enhancements for Sage 200.

Sage 200 Integration Enhancements
Find out more about the range of Sage 200 integrations.

Sage 200 Document Management Modules

Draycir Spindle Document Capture

Spindle Document Capture integrates seamlessly with Sage 200. Some features of the addon include, batch scanning and drag & drop.
Batch scanning allows you to scan your documents either individually or as a batch, this includes multi-page documents.
The useful drag & drop feature allows users to easily and conveniently drag attachments or email contents from your inbox (or another location) into the capture screen.

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PaperLess Document Management

PaperLess is a document recognition software that uses a type of technology called OCR (Optical Character Recognition.) You can scan drag and drop or allow PaperLess to automatically read documents like Purchase Invoices that you receive and import the information from that document into Sage 200c.

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Sage 200 Expenses & Timesheets Modules


As one of the UK's leading expense software, ExpenseIn boasts a powerful, easy to use expense package.

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Sicon WAP

Enter timesheets linked to work patterns, cost, charge and pay rates.

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Sage 200 Finance Modules

Sicon Fixed Assets

Manage your Fixed Assets with Sicon’s fully integrated asset management solution for Sage 200. Linking directly to the financial ledgers and month end processes this is a simple module to use. Incorporating list views and workspaces plus a host of standard Sage 200 reports.

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Codis Excelerator

Boasted as the ultimate Excel add-on for Sage 200c, Excelerator will help you cut data processing costs by up to 50%.  Just a single click of your mouse, data will be updated and validated to Sage 200c with absolute accuracy and efficiency, making long processes quick and simple.

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Sicon Audit Log

Sicon Audit Log is a fully integrated module written specifically for Sage 200. Designed to track field level changes to core financial modules, sales and purchase order processing modules, stock and price book. Options for ‘Silent’ change logging or user prompted reasons for change which are configurable per Sage module.

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Sicon Enhancement Pack

Sicon’s Enhancement pack is a collection of products too small to be products on their own… and you will have access to all of them. Includes add-ons for the Sales and Purchase Ledger, Sales and Purchase Order Processing, Stock Control, Nominal Ledger and Cash Book.

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Sage 200 Order Processing & Warehousing Modules

itas - Multi-Stock Transfer

This add-on enables you to move more than one stock item from one warehouse location to another.

itas - Delivery Address Notes

This add-on enables the ability to store instructions/notes against a customer’s delivery address. When a delivery address is selected for a sales order, any instructions/notes are also selected.

Eureka Sales Order Plus

From within one form with the Sales Order Plus addon, Sage 200 users can access information and process orders, accurately and quickly.The addon eliminates complex menu structures with a single screen feature, allowing users to find the information they require.

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Sage 200 Stock Modules

itas - Stock Code Updater

This add-on enables you to import changes to stock codes from an excel spreadsheet. Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Bills Of Materials are updated with the new code in addition to stock records.

itas - Stock Bin Rename

This add-on enables you to import changes to bin locations for any stock code and warehouse from an excel spreadsheet. After successfully validating the file, the name of the bin location is renamed to the new bin location for each Stock Code, Warehouse and Current Bin Location listed in the file.

itas - Bill of Materials (BOM) Explosion

This add-on enhances the functionality of the Bill of Materials Explosion screen through the addition of two buttons – Copy To Clipboard and Copy To Excel. Copy To Excel copies the full bill of materials to an excel spreadsheet inclusive of indentations.

Netstock Sage Inventory Advisor

Sage Inventory Advisor is cloud based inventory management software that allows you to reduce your excess stock, place orders quickly and minimise stock-outs to increase sales, save time and retain your customers.

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Eureka Stock Plus

With the barcoding facility, users can easily manage and print barcodes using the Stock Plus for Sage 200 Addon. Users can control complex stock hierarchies, creating a flexible and easy to use stock system. The addon also allows users to create hundreds of stock items and add them to an order with just one click!

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KC Smart Stock

KC Smart Stock allows you to access real-time, data helping you meet future demands with ease. Make more informed decisions with KC Smart Stock, limit the wasting or spoiling of stock and minimise the overselling of stock. 

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Sage 200 Credit Control Modules

Draycir Credit Hound

Credit Hound drastically reduces your admin, allowing you more time to chase up to ten times more customers within your working day. As well as this feature, within Credit Hound you can set payment reminders, automate rules and actions and view a chase screen.

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Sicon Cashflow Manager

Sicon Cash Flow Manager is designed specifically as an enhancement for Sage 200. Fully integrated withthe Sage 200 financial ledgers and order processing modules this is a simple module to use. Design your cash flow format including bank accounts, sales and purchase invoices, sales and purchase orders, nominal and ad-hoc spending.

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Sage 200 Integration Modules

Zynk Automation

Credit Hound drastically reduces your admin, allowing you more time to chase up to ten times more customers within your working day. As well as this feature, within Credit Hound you can set payment reminders, automate rules and actions and view a chase screen.

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Integrate your business applications using Iman for Sage 200. A code-free interface which is flexible and easy to use, allowing for simple integrations.

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KCPOS is a dynamic POS designed to revolutionise the way you do business. It is designed for all business types including wholesale, retail, hospitality, tourist attractions and trade counters.

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Sage 200 Support

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