Credit Hound: Advanced Credit Control

Does your business regularly spend hours, every week, chasing up outstanding debts with no response? Are you looking to automate your credit control processes?

Surveys which were taken out by Draycir, of credit control teams, have found that before using Credit Hound, they spent around 20% of their time chasing outstanding debt. This meant that 80% of their time was spent doing administration around Credit Control. This could have been drafting emails and letters, to running reports.

However, once credit hound had been implemented, these two figures reversed. 20% of their time was spent doing administration, whilst 80% of their time was spent chasing the outstanding debts.


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Interactive Dashboards

See who owes money, how much, promised cash and disputed payments.

Payment Reminders

Sends automated reminders from when payment is almost due and continue right until payment is made.

Chase Screen

All of your information in one screen so you can access everything with ease.