Multi-Company Management

  • Reduce Human Error
  • Move Towards a Continuous Close
  • Build Consistent and Scalable Controls
Why are more and more companies looking to shift away from Excel to a platform that can automate and streamline the consolidation process?
Challenging economic circumstances increases the need for on-demand reporting across the group to enable businesses to take advantage of the opportunities offered, and react quickly to changing circumstances.
Growing the business through both organic new ventures or by acquiring existing businesses means incorporating new businesses into the group reporting structures has become business as usual rather than a one-off event.
Increasing inter-relationships and intercompany activities between entities within groups to maximise profit increases the reconciliation and data entry burden.
Geographic growth of entities across countries and continents requires the ability to be able to cope with varying accounting rules in different jurisdictions.
The increasingly international mix of business activities leading to a greater need for the management of foreign currency transactions and balances.

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Within this white paper you will learn:

  • The challenges of consolidation today
  • Consolidations: The Next generation
  • Managing the consolidation process
  • How consolidation can support faster growth
  • How Cloud Accounting can help with your consolidation challenges

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Managing global multi-entity organisations can be incredibly challenging. Made even more so by trying to do it in Excel spreadsheets. In fact, the latest research by Financial Executives Research Foundation and Robert Half shows that 58% of companies still manually reconcile accounts.

How do businesses get ahead of this?

  • Reduce human error and the time spent manually consolidating in excel to create a more flexible reporting model.
  • Gain drillable insight from the consolidated perspective builds confidence in figures and the ability to quickly identify trends.
  • Reduce the emphasis on month-end reporting and shift towards a continuous close increases the agility of the organisation.
  • Accelerate the integration of new entities within your organisation with quick onboarding templates.
  • Build consistent and scalable controls that give you auditability and visibility across your organisations.

Next Generation Financial Consolidations with Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct's powerful multi-entity, multi legislative and multi-currency capabilities give forward-thinking financial leaders the tools they need to build an agile and scalable finance function. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to saving time, reducing errors, and improving visibility with fully up-to-date local and global reports. See how Sage Intacct can boost your productivity by more than 50% by automating financial consolidation activities including currency conversions, inter-entity transactions and local tax reporting.
Sage Intacct Delivers:
  • Continuous real time consolidations
  • Multi-entity transactions and automation
  • Streamlined multi-entity growth

So, how do we do it?

  • Automatic inter-entity eliminations give you real time consolidated reporting
  • Our dynamic allocations tool automates the reallocation of group costs across multiple entities as well as other dimensions
  • Get drillable insight into the consolidated detail with sage intacct's interactive reporting tool
  • Share customers, suppliers and products across entities to get true cross entity visibility
  • Consolidate entities in different base currencies on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, all at the click of a button
  • Quickly generate and generate revaulation journals across suppliers, customers and bank accounts

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    Managing multiple entities is easy with Sage 200

    Spend less time on v-lookups and more time analysing reporting with Sage 200. Its intercompany module and inbuilt consolidation tool will help you automate and streamline your group reporting to build a more scalable finance function.
    Sage 200 can help you:
    • Reduce human error created by copying and pasting data into complex spreadsheets
    • Stop wasting time double entering inter-company transactions
    • Reduce risk with a single system that can work across all your UK entities

    So, how do we do it?

    • Consolidate multiple charts of accounts into a single shared one
    • Automatically create back to back inter-entity sales and purchase transactions
    • Shift stock between inter-company warehouses
    • Automatically post both sides of your intercompany journals
    • Quickly generate and generate revaluation journals across suppliers, customers and bank accounts

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