Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition

  • Generate forecasts and reports
  • Build your own revenue recognition templates
  • Schedule revenue recognition journals to run automatically

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Automate your revenue recognition with Sage Intacct Revenue Management

Sage Intacct revenue management gets your revenue recognition out of spreadsheets and into your accounting system where it should be. Excel spreadsheets are useful for managing many things but they aren't ideal for managing revenue recognition. Having to remember to add lines each time you generate an invoice, spending hours reconciling your monthly journal postings and of course maintaining the history for audit purposes are all hassles you don’t need.

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How can Sage Intacct automate your revenue recognition?

sage intacct - revenue recognition - attach templates to sales orders

Set start, end dates and select revenue recognition templates on an individual invoice line level or automatically pull from the product

Build your own revenue recognition templates with your organisation's preferred settings

sage intacct - revenue recognition - create revenue recognition templates with settings

Automatically calculate days in a period and pro-rata recognition postings if you wish or split evenly across periods

Manage event or delivery based recognition with the ability to mark items as delivered and automate the postings based on the delivery date

sage intacct revenue recognition - mark an item as delivered
sage intacct - revenue recognition automatically run recognition journals

Schedule revenue recognition journals to run automatically or review before postings

Get full drill-ability from both sides, see the revenue recognition schedule from the original posting and work back from the journal to the originating transaction

sage intacct revenue recognition - transaction drilldown
sage intacct - revenue recognition - deferred revenue forecast graph

Generate forecasts and reports that allow you to view your anticipated revenue postings both at a summary and a detailed level

Sage Intacct can help you get you out of spreadsheets and into a system that gives you real-time visibility and true auditability

Sage Intacct revenue management takes the admin hassles away from managing these processes so you have more time to focus on the things that matter, giving you absolute confidence in the numbers that you produce and ensuring compliance with both IFRS15 and ASC 606. For those managing recurring invoices, the revenue management module also gives you the ability to streamline the renewal process with an internal alert to let the salesperson know its due to renew, the ability to create a new transaction and if integrated with Salesforce, to generate a new opportunity on renewal.
Sage Intacct wins Big Innovation award 2021

Sage Intacct helped Code42 achieve £100,000 worth of time savings in accounting and the new efficiencies and insights have supported 4x revenue growth:

"We have a streamlined process for revenue recognition with Sage Intacct, and can create revenue schedules by customer revenue, geographic location and other dimensions, which wasn’t possible before. Eliminating all the manual work around rev rec has provided more time for the team to focus on analytics."
Grant Christianson, Controller, Code42

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