Sage 200 Barcoding & Warehousing

  • Powerful pre-built dashboards
  • Manage warehouse locations from with Sage 200
  • Hand-held devices

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Take your stock management to the next level with Sage 200 Barcoding & Warehousing

Barcoding and Warehousing will help you take your stock management to the next level. Integration between Sage 200, Sicon modules and the handheld devices is all in real-time. This means there is a seamless transition of data without the need for external databases to set up and maintain. Users can go about their jobs confident that no data is lost via synchronization.

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Barcoding and Warehousing comes with a full suite of prebuilt dashboards to help track KPIs such as picks this week, picks this month right down to targeted pick by user. All of these dashboards can also be edited and customised.
Sage 200 Barcoding and warehousing Dashboards
Sage 200 barcoding and warehousing labels


Create labels for all bin locations within the warehouse and then print labels for all stock items with the warehouse, bin, product code and even serial number on them so you always know the exact location of each unique item of inventory.


Sicon Barcoding and Warehousing is an android app from the Google Play Store and will run on any android device running Android 5.0 or later giving it the flexibility to run on cheap durable phones or tablets. Each User is given their own login details managed through Sage 200 so that when stock is received, put away, picked, kitted & written off you will always have a clear understanding of who is handling what stock and when.

From within Sage 200, you can assign tasks and jobs such as pick waves or kit building to specific users which will show up as a job on their handheld when they log in. Receive in Purchase Orders, Containers, and individual stock Items. Put away stock and split it across several bin locations. Print Sales Order labels and serial number stock labels. Despatch, amend and action Sales Orders. Transfer, return and write off stock all from within your handheld device.

Sage 200 bardcoding and warehousing Handheld Devices
Sage 200 barcoding and warehousing - Maintain Warehouse Locations


Manage your own warehouse locations simply and easily directly from within Sage 200. Bins can be registered to racks or individual shelves and then allocated into zones to make navigating the warehouse with your handheld device painless. You can also set bin definitions for different stages of stock and then define priority pick locations as well as setting default despatch bins so that within Sales Order Processing, items can be moved directly to this bin location for faster shipment.

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