Sage 200c

Business Management Solution

What is Sage 200c or Sage 200cloud Professional?

Sage 200c is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution made for small to medium businesses. With Sage 200c you can share information across teams with one integrated system. Sage 200c ERP allows users to tailor the system to their individual business process needs.

The system is a scalable solution, that will grow with you from 2 - 250 users. With a wide range of addons such as Document Management and EDI and various modules such as Commercials and Bill of Materials (BOM) you really can cater Sage 200c to your business needs.

The 'C' in Sage 200c stands for Cloud, but what exactly does that mean for Sage 200c Users? Well, primarily, Sage 200c offers extensive integration with other products such as Office 365 and Pegg.

The Office 365 integration offers two main functions - Document Storage & the Contact App. With Sage 200c and Office 365, users are able to automatically store documents in One Drive and find them in a simple click within Sage 200c. The Contact App sits within your Outlook (Desktop or Mobile) and displays information from Customer and Supplier Accounts from your Sage 200c system in realtime such as outstanding invoices and orders, memos etc... Making this tool invaluable to your Sales team's out on the road.

Imagine being able to text your expenses to your ERP system rather than fill out another one of those oh so fun Excel sheets. Introducing Pegg, a Chatbot which does exactly that. Simply text Pegg the information you would like, and it'll get it over to you via text in no time! Saving calls back to the office to the accounts teams for simple enquiry questions and needless manual data entry.

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What are the benefits of Sage 200c?

Powerful Reporting

Sage 200c’s powerful reporting capabilities gives you a variety of ways to help make your month end routine easier. With a big selection of standard reports, the ability to customise or create your own from scratch and the business intelligence (BI) suite, you can choose the option that best suits your requirements. And of course, the software is HMRC compliant.

Authorisation Process

The Sage 200c Commercials module gives you the ability to control your purchasing. With the in-built purchase order authorisation process and a web based authorisation for external users you can control your purchasing budgets.

Multilevel Pricing Structures

Sage 200c offers an easy way to manage a multilevel pricing structure, you can even set customer specific price bands. The inbuilt discount management system allows you set value, percentage, quantity break or customer specific discounts and link them directly to customers. You can even ensure you never sell items below your minimum profit margin with the inbuilt price validation routine.

Powerful Stock & Warehouse Management

Sage 200c′s stock management system, combined with project accounting, Bill of Materials and Manufacturing modules allows you to understand the true cost, and hence the profit of every item. You can figure the exact costs of any batch or serial numbered item. Sage 200c saves you the hassle of figuring it out and gives you multiple options when it comes to costing methods.

You can easily track the make up of the costs for your stock items that you are manufacturing by using the manufacturing specific module from within the software. Whether it is machine, time-sheets or operational costs and without the hassle of complex and unmanageable spreadsheets.

Integrated with the Sales Order and Purchase Order Processing modules, Sage 200c removes the need for vast amounts of paperwork coming from the sales teams, and allows them to see the stock levels available within the warehouse.

Ordering stock is easy with Sage 200c. With its ability to generate a suggested buying list, Sage 200c calculates the right amount of stock to both meet the orders on your system and also to maintain your minimum and maximum reorder levels. All at the click of a button.

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Sage 200c Modules & Features

Sage 200c Pricing

Sage 200c is built to be tailored perfectly to you and your business. We know that not every user needs the same thing from the system and this is reflected in our Sage 200c pricing.

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Sage 200c Support

You should want to call us, but hopefully never need to so, we hand pick our support heroes for their love of problem solving and their passion for customer service.

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Sage 200c Training

To ensure your organisation gets the most from all Sage 200c has to offer, itas has developed a wide range of courses that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

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