What is Sage 200?

Sage 200 Versions

Sage 200 started its life as a package called "Sky", followed by “Sovereign”,  written by a programmer and his wife. It was bought by Sage in the early 90’s and ran for a few years under that heading, becoming the big brother of “Sterling Accounts”.  In the mid 90’s Sage rebranded both Sterling and Sovereign to Line 50 and Line 100 respectively. Sovereign was a module based program and was delivered on floppy disks – about 50 of them for the complete package.  The core module was the Nominal Ledger, you could then add Sales, Purchase, Cashbook, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Bill of Materials, Project Accounting and Stock if you wished, but every module was stand alone and many sites only ran one or two modules. It stood out at the time because it could also be customised and many sites were tweaked to give users a better experience.

Sovereign was written in the procedural database language, Retreive 4GL. It was later rebranded to Line100 and then again to “MMS” which took it into the windows world. It was a compromise transition and was an attempt by Sage to enter the windows environment and to lead what we now know as Sage 200 into the SQL database.   

MMS was very short lived and only existed for about 3 years before Sage 200 was introduced. The first version of “Sage 200” on SQL was actually branded MMS but when the next upgrade release came along, it then became known as Sage 200 and has evolved into the package we all know now.

The interesting aspect of “Sovereign” and Sage 200 is that the Nominal Structure concept remains the same with individual Nominals for Code, Cost Centre and Department.    Much has improved with Sage 200 but someone using Sovereign in the DOS version would still recognise many parts of the current program, proving it has stood the test of time from the way it was originally compiled.

  • Sage MMS

    Sage MMS (Mid Market Software) was the original name for Sage 200, released in April 2002.

  • Sage Line 200/ Sage 200 Suite

    Sage 200 Suite, also know as Sage Line 200 was renamed in 2007 after Sage rebranded. The number 200 was added to indicate that the product is aimed at companies with up to 200 employees. It brought with it a load of new features within the Commercials modules and also introduced the Project Accounting module.

  • Sage 200c

    In 2017 Sage added a 'c' to the end of Sage 200, rebranding it as Sage 200c. The 'c' stood for cloud, signifying its first steps towards making Sage 200 cloud connected.

  • Sage 200cloud

    Shortly after naming Sage 200 'Sage 200c', Sage renamed Sage 200 to Sage 200cloud, elaborating on the 'c' and confirming it's cloud connected functionality with Office 365. and Pegg.

The ultimate Sage 200cloud guide

If you would like to learn more about Sage 200cloud and find if it's the right fit for your business, download our free 'Sage 200cloud Buyers Guide'.

Sage 200cloud Features

Sage 200cloud is ideal for small to medium businesses looking to have one integrated system. Some of it's key features include:

  • Powerful stock management and projection system
  • Integrated system
  • Powerful reporting capabilities
  • Multilevel pricing structure
  • Seamless integration with Sage CRM
  • Powerful warehouse and stock management
  • Integrated Graphical Planner
  • Purchase authorisation process

If you would like to read more in-depth about Sage 200cloud, head to our Sage 200 Software overview page.

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