Sage 50 for Charities & NFPs

  • Gain a better view across your organisation
  • Record donations, grants & subscriptions efficiently
  • SOFA reporting at your fingertips
  • Gain control of your cash flow

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Get in control of your charity or NFP organisation with Sage 50

Not many people know that Sage 50 has powerful charity and NFP capabilities that can be turned on at a click of a button. Sage 50 is a cloud-connected accounting solution that is built for small organisations. Perfect for those day to day accounting processes, Sage 50 lets you set up your organisation with charitable status, allowing you to easily manage gift aid declarations, apply governance rules and regulations, enable charitable funds and unlock powerful fund reports.

Are you an existing Sage 50 user?

If you are an existing Sage 50 customer looking to turn on the NFP functionality, we have a step by step blog that can help you turn it on and explore all the features.

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What does Sage 50 offer Charity and NFP organisations?

Funds can be added to Sage 50 along with the type of fund (used for reporting purposes), types of funds include restricted fund, unrestricted fund and endowment fund. You can also access fund reports such as balance sheet by fund, fund analysis report and fund nominal activity.
You have two options for displaying donations in Sage 50. Bank receipts with the relevant fund, nominal code and donation as the reference field. Or, you can select the donations option in bank accounts, giving you gift aid options.
SOFA Reporting
Statement of Financials Activity reporting can be achieved with Sage 50. This can be needed for several appropriate bodies and Sage 50 comes with a default set of categories that you can use such as voluntary income, investment income, fund generating activity, income from charitable activity and many more.

How can Sage 50 help your Charity or NFP organisation?

  • Keep track of your cash flow by recording your income streams in real-time

  • Simplify your invoicing with the ability to create, edit and send invoice directly from Sage 50

  • Link your nominal ledger to SOFA categories to unlock powerful reports and insight

  • Assign customer accounts as members or donors
Sage 50 for Charities or NFP Assign Nominal Codes SOFA categories
Sage 50 for Charities or NFP - Customer records
  • Create Funds, add balances and transfer them between one another

  • Provide a higher level of accountability with regulations and rules around governance, operations and advocacy

  • Keep your VAT data up to date with MTD compliant software

  • Track your business on the move with integration with Office 365

“Sage 50 is a one-stop-shop for all our financials, giving us a comprehensive database of customers, sales and costs, so we never miss anything. All in all, it’s a great product.”

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