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How much does Sage Intacct cost?

Sage has introduced a new pricing policy across all of their products, this means that Sage Intacct is licensed on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Included with this are the hosting of the software, the software functionality and access to any upgrades.

When purchasing Sage Intacct, you have three package options, Essentials, Pro and Bespoke.Sage Intacct pricing is varied and will depend on your specific requirements, and provided as a personalised quote. There are Sage Intacct pricing exceptions in the Essentials and Pro options where costs are fixed.

Some factors that influence the cost of Sage Intacct includes, modules, users and user access level. The software is completely customisable, allowing you to pay for what you need and is billed on annual payments. To give you an idea of rough Sage Intacct costs, for Sage Intacct core, multi-currency module, 3 additional business entities & 2 additional users would cost you £1250 per month (licencing costs, billed annually).

Sage Intacct Pricing

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On-demand & Personalised Sage Intacct Demo

How can a demo be on-demand and personalised? We have pre-recorded a Sage Intacct demo that allows you to select the features that are important to you. Once you've selected the features you want to see, an interactive demo is instantly built just for you that showcases only the things you care about! And the best part? It's ready in seconds, completely on demand, with no human intervention!

Sage Intacct Editions Packages

Common Core is the core functionality of Sage Intacct. It's what you get as standard with the system, you can then select a package and modules to tailor the system to your exact business needs.

Common Core includes Sage Intacct's 6 Core Financials:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Cash Management
  • Order Entry
  • Purchasing

Plus, Platform Services, Web Services, Learning Membership, 2 Business Users, 1 Employee 10 Pack, 1 Additional Entity, Basic Project Tracking, Basic Time & Expense.

Sage Intacct Pricing: Bespoke Examples

Because Sage Intacct is modular, it is difficult for us to tell you exactly how much it will cost you without understanding what your business needs. However, we understand how important it is for you to know roughly how much the system costs to ensure you have the right budget in mind. Below are some examples of Sage Intacct pricing scenarios for our most common customer types. Please bear in mind, these are approximate costs and your individual quotes may be less or more depending on your requirements. 

Example Solution Licence Cost Per Month (Billed Annually) Upfront Implementation Cost
Sage Intacct Core, multi-currency, 3 additional business entities & 2 users £1250 £15,000 Fast Start Implementation
Sage Intacct Core, multi-currency, project costing & billing, 5 project manager users & 2 users £2084 £25,000
Sage Intacct Core, multi-currency, revenue management, global consolidation, advanced Salesforce integration, 2 additional business entities & 3 users £3333 £30,000

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Success with Sage Intacct & itas

"If you’re considering making the leap to Sage Intacct, I definitely recommend it. I only wish that we’d actually come across Intacct a few years earlier than we had, we’re already really impressed with the changes, improvements and benefits that we’re getting from the system, we’ve been really impressed so I definitely recommend looking into it and reaching out to itas to help."

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What modules does Sage Intacct have?

Sage Intacct has a vast range of modules, starting with its Core Financials which includes the Purchase Ledger, Sales Ledger, Order Management, Cash Management, Nominal Ledger and Reporting and Dashboards and moving on to more specific additional modules such as Project Accounting, Inventory Management, Contract and Subscription Billing, Multi-Entity & Global Consolidations, Contract Revenue Recognition, Tax Plus Time and Expense Management, Dynamic Allocations and Fixed Assets. Your Sage Intacct pricing will depend on what you need for your business.

Below is a sample of modules that are available with Sage Intacct, we also have industry-specific modules on our industry pages. As well as modules, there is an existing range of add-on products and the ability for developers to integrate with Sage Intacct using its powerful Web Service API & The Sage Intacct Marketplace.

Core Financials is powerful Multi-Dimensional accounting that automates and streamlines your financial processes to give you more control and better insight with less effort.
Credit Control
Automate the invoicing and collections process to accelerate your cash cycle. Spend more time on calls, less time on admin and shift to a self-service model.
Easily manage foreign currency exchange rates with an automated daily feed from Oanda. Quickly generate revaluation reporting and make the necessary adjustments.
Fixed Assets
Create an automated asset management system with an integrated fixed asset accounting system.
Automate consolidations across multiple currency entities with automatic inter-entity eliminations. Make management reporting easy with consolidated reporting and dashboards.
Manage costs and revenue, keep projects on time, and maintain profitability with project dimension tracking within the Sage Intacct Project Accounting suite.
Reduce errors, time spent on reconciliations and creating spreadsheets with our automated revenue recognition module. Get real-time visibility of your revenue and forecast future revenue postings.
Synchronize Salesforce with your business financials in real-time. Keep billing templates and subscription schedules in your financial system, while giving salespeople complete visibility into billing and payments info

Is Sage Intacct right for me?

Sage Intacct is ideal for the following business types:

Businesses with an annual turnover of £3million - £300million
Business with over 50 employees
Business that want their software to be entirely Cloud-based
Businesses within industries such as Professional Services, Not for Profit (NFP), SaaS, Hospitality, Healthcare and Financial Services

If you would like to ensure Sage Intacct is the right product for you before requesting a quote, we also offer a free Sage Intacct demo (tailored specifically to your business needs) or you can watch an on-demand demo which is more of a general overview and can be completed in your own time. 

Success with Sage Intacct & itas

"We did have another consultancy company when we initially got Sage Intacct and that was a completely different experience. Once itas came on board it was so easy. We wish you’d been on board right at the beginning because we would’ve been in a much better place earlier on."

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Why choose itas as your Sage Intacct partner?

At itas, we believe in working in partnership with you to deliver the perfect solution that you want and need for your business. As a multi-award winning Sage Partner, our approach is to help you maximise technology to transform the way you work.

  • We really know our stuff
  • We take the hassle away with effective project management
  • We help you get up and running quickly with training that delivers results
  • We are good people to work with that genuinely care about your business
  • We are just a phone call away with no automated queues
  • We are big enough to deliver, but small enough to care
  • We will ensure a smooth transition from your old platform to your new

The change to any new platform is a journey, and we will be on that journey with you, every step of the way.