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Customer success with Sage Intacct & itas

Ovation Data Services, a global data management company, faced the challenge of managing their complex financial operations across multiple verticals and locations. In this case study, we explore how Ovation Data successfully implemented Sage Intacct, a powerful financial management system, with the help of their Sage Intacct partner, itas (that's us!), to streamline their operations and improve their overall business efficiency.
Sage Intacct Case Study - itas and Ovation Data

Industry: SaaS
Location: UK & USA
Project Type: Sage Intacct Implementation
Previous Software: Sage 200

The Challenges Faced by Ovation Data

The Search for a Better Solution

Ovation Data has offices in Orpington, Kent, and their main offices in Houston, Texas. With their global reach and diverse customer base, Ovation Data needed a financial management solution that could handle multi-entity and multi-currency operations. Their previous system, Sage 200, was limiting and required extensive spreadsheet work to achieve the desired level of detail and insights.
A Need for Global Consolidation

After evaluating their options, Ovation Data chose Sage Intacct for its global consolidation features and ability to provide real-time data. The system's dimensions-based approach to accounting enabled more efficient and accurate reporting, which was critical for their decision-making process.
"We did have another consultancy company when we initially purchased Sage Intacct and that was a completely different experience. Once itas came on board it was so easy. We wish they’d been on board right at the beginning because we would’ve been in a much better place earlier on."
Partnering with itas for a smooth Sage Intacct implementation

Overcoming Initial Implementation Challenges
Ovation Data encountered some challenges during the initial implementation of Sage Intacct due to a partner who lacked in-depth knowledge of the system. However, once they brought itas on board, the implementation process became significantly smoother. With itas' expertise in accountancy and Sage Intacct, the team at Ovation Data felt supported and confident in the new system.

The itas Difference
itas' consultant team brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, helping Ovation Data overcome their initial struggles with the system. Their dedication to understanding Ovation Data's unique needs and providing tailored solutions significantly improved the overall Sage Intacct implementation experience.

The benefits of choosing Sage Intacct & itas

Improved Reporting and Efficiency
With Sage Intacct, Ovation Data experienced enhanced reporting capabilities and a better understanding of their finances. The dimensions-based approach offered more granular insights, allowing them to make more informed decisions quickly. Additionally, Sage Intacct's API enabled seamless integration with other systems, further improving efficiency.
Global Expansion and Scalability
Impressed by the improvements in their London office, Ovation Data decided to implement Sage Intacct globally, beginning with their Houston office. The multi-entity and multi-currency features allowed for easy consolidation and management of their global operations.
Ongoing Support and Collaboration
Working with itas provided Ovation Data with a reliable, knowledgeable partner who could offer continuous support and guidance. The strong relationship built between the two companies resulted in a positive and enjoyable experience, ensuring that Ovation Data could make the most of their Sage Intacct system.
Choosing itas as your Sage Intacct Partner can make all the difference

Ovation Data’s partnership with itas and their successful implementation of Sage Intacct demonstrates the importance of choosing the right financial management solution and partner. With the right combination, businesses can significantly improve their efficiency, scalability, and decision-making capabilities. The ongoing Sage Intacct support provided by itas has helped Ovation Data maximise the potential of Sage Intacct and continue to grow and expand their business on a global scale.

"Working with itas has dramatically reduced my blood pressure. Obviously, an accounts system is critical to anyone’s business, and now working with itas, I don’t have any concerns with our accounts functionality. Working with previous partners I’ve got some grey hairs and sleepless nights, but working with itas has been an absolute pleasure, and long may the relationship continue!"

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