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Principle Cleaning Services reaping the benefits of switching from Sage 200 to Sage Intacct with itas

Principle Cleaning Services' are London’s leading cleaning contractor in landmark properties and their customers include organisations in the financial, legal, and media sectors. Their portfolio consists of a number of high-profile organisations and prestigious buildings.

Principle Cleaning Services approached itas seeking a finance solution to streamline their financial processes, and wanted a finance system that could integrate seamlessly with Templa.


Industry: Professional Services
Location: UK
Project Type: Sage Intacct Implementation
Previous Software: Sage 200

The Challenges Faced by Principle Cleaning Services

Outgrown previous accounting system

With operations spanning 500 different sites and over 100 managers, the limitations of Sage 200 in terms of installation and licensing hindered their ability to efficiently utilise the system across the organisation.
Lack of reporting and real-time insights

Due to the finance system they were previously using, Principle Cleaning Services couldn't get accurate and real-time reporting. They also had to go through a lengthy process with Excel to access reporting.
Time consuming and inefficient processes

Dealing with a complex organisational structure involving numerous sites, Principle Cleaning Services faced challenges in managing their Chart of Accounts efficiently.

"itas has certainly fulfilled my expectations as a Sage partner. Continuing from what I mentioned earlier, whenever I had any queries or felt stuck, regardless of how minor they seemed, they were always there, taking the lead and assisting us promptly. Their handling of queries has been efficient, dealing with them swiftly and effectively. Without a doubt, I anticipate a wonderful relationship moving forward."
Raheel Rafiq, Financial Controller, Principle Cleaning Services
How Much Time Have Principle Cleaning Services Saved with Sage Intacct?

Principle Cleaning Services highlights the time-consuming nature of refreshing data in Excel compared to the near-instant updates in Sage Intacct, which facilitates real-time reporting. Although they haven't conducted a formal analysis of time saved since switching to Sage Intacct, they emphasise the noticeable efficiency gains, and how certain processes have become more streamlined.

Why did Principle Cleaning Services choose itas as their Sage Partner?

Principle Cleaning Services recommended itas as their Sage Intacct Partner because of their product knowledge, communication skills, and efficiency. Feedback from various interactions, whether through support or project queries, underscores itas' ability to swiftly address concerns. itas consistently delivers positive experiences, positioning them as a highly recommended partner for Sage.

Sage Intacct's Impact

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities
Sage Intacct offered improved reporting functionalities with increased drill-down capabilities and customisation options. This allowed Principle Cleaning Services to generate more detailed and tailored reports, providing better insights into their financial data and operations.
Anywhere-Anytime Access
Moving to Sage Intacct, a cloud-based solution, provided the flexibility to grant employee licenses and facilitated access for various users, enhancing collaboration and future business partnering opportunities. It also allows them to work from anywhere!
Dimensional Balances
With Sage Intacct's dimensional balances feature, Principle Cleaning were able to streamline their accounting processes. This simplified their trial balance and reporting, leading to faster and more accurate financial analysis.

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