Is it time to upgrade your Sage 50 System?

Sage 50 is a popular accounting solution, perfect for small businesses. However, when your Sage 50 system starts showing signs that you may be outgrowing it, it is worth considering whether it is time for you to look at your options for upgrading from Sage 50.

Below are some common signs that you may be due an upgrade:

  • Are you struggling to get the reports and analysis you need?
  • Is your system running slowly?
  • Is more advanced foreign currency handling required?
  • Do you need to assign and trace batch and serial numbers?
  • Do you need purchase order authorisation?
  • Is your pricing structure complex and hard to manage?
  • Do you need advanced accounting period control?
  • Do you need to break down your accounts by cost centre and department?

Life After Sage 50

As part of our Sage 50 online conference, we released a webinar detailing what life after Sage 50 looks like. This webinar is now on demand and you can watch it whenever you wish. The webinar covers the following:

• Signs that perhaps Sage 50 isn't the right solution
• What packages are available
• Overview of example costs to migrate
• Data Migration options
• Top Tips for planning your migration

Watch Now

You may be due a Sage 50 upgrade!

Use our Sage 50 upgrade infographic below to get an understanding on whether it is time for you to upgrade your accounting system. 
Once you've completed it, we have solutions to the three different outcomes below.


Sage 50 Power BI Data Analytics

If you scored green/yellow on the infographic above, your Sage 50 system may currently be right for you however, you may not be getting the most out of it.

i50 is a Microsoft Power BI connector allowing you to access real-time analytics with a range of reports and dashboards from wherever you are.

You can not only view the analytics on desktop but also mobile devices and tablets, on the go using the Power BI mobile app. You can use i50 to track anything from, late payments, stock levels, profits, targets and staff performance levels.

Find out more

i50 - Sage 50 and Power BI - Sage 50 reporting


You may need a Sage 50 upgrade

Now you know you may be due an upgrade, it's hard to know what the next steps are. Upgrading can be a daunting thought, but we have many years experience in smoothing the way for our clients. We aim to make the experience as painless as possible for you.

Fill out the contact form and speak to one of our helpful specialists about what your next steps should be.

If you experience any of the following please contact our support team urgently on
01824 780 000

  • Unremovable system locks
  • Data corruption
  • System crashes
  • Error reporting within account maintenance
  • Slow or inaccurate reporting

Sage 50 Health Check

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