i50 - Data Analytics for Sage 50c

Access real-time, powerful Sage 50c data using i50

i50 - Sage Analytics: Data Analytics for Sage 50 - Power BI - Sage UK

What is i50?

i50 is a real-time analytics package designed in Microsoft Power BI for Sage 50.

The system gives you an update overview of your financial data, accessible whenever and where ever you like. With a range of reports and dashboards, i50 gives you visibility across your organization.

i50 is developed using an API connection directly into your Sage 50 database, so the data you are seeing is not only up to date but is accurate. The day of spending hours printing out reports is gone. With the mobile app, you are able to see your data on the go, allowing you to keep track of your business anywhere you like.

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Anytime, anywhere

Being able to get good visibility of your business is a time old problem, but with i50 you are able to see exactly how your business is doing with just a few clicks.

Built within Power BI, your data is displayed in beautiful visuals and eye catching dashboards that can be shared with others in the business. The dashboards are accessed through either your web browser or the Power BI mobile app, allowing you to cut the ties with the office without cutting ties with the business.

Multiple devices

i50 is available on any device. This includes computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices (Android and iOS).

By pulling your phone out of your pocket, you are able to see detailed and interactive analytics of your business in real-time. Giving a new meaning to "having the world at your fingertips".

Sage 50 Power BI Dashboards

The i50 Dashboards are split into two packages: Financials and Commercials.

The Financials package contains dashboards on:
- Aged Creditor
- Aged Debtor
- Nominal Ledger
- Sales Ledger
- Purchase Ledger

i50 Financials allows you to see everything from your worst offenders when it comes to paying on time, to a snapshot view of how much one customer has bought from you.

Most of the i50's Sage 50 Power BI dashboards contain slicers that allow you to see individual customer or supplier information. the dashboards are populated with your own targets so you can see exactly how you are performing.
Everything you need to keep up to date with the financial side of the business.

i50 - Sage Analytics: Data Analytics for Sage 50 - Power BI - Sage UK
i50 - Sage Analytics: Data Analytics for Sage 50 - Power BI - Sage UK

The Commercials package contains dashboards on
- Sales Orders
- Purchase Orders
- Stock
- Warehouse

Giving you insight in to the daily management on your business. The warehouse are able to see what stock items have dropped below their minimum order levels, whats due in that day and whats going out. The Sales team can see how they are doing compared to their targets for that month.

i50 brings you the power of data, designed in Power BI - Sage 50, what you do with it is totally up to you!

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