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What is the Sage 200 Manufacturing Module?

More and more manufacturing businesses are turning to Sage 200 to help them stay ahead of the competition, accelerate production, meet customer demands quicker and improve profitability. The Sage 200 Manufacturing module is brought to you by Sicon and encompasses a range of useful tools such as project accounting, works order processing, kitting and Material and Resource Planning (MRP). By seamlessly linking together within your Sage 200 system, you gain visibility over your project profitability, time allocations, machine usage and more with Sage 200 Manufacturing.  The flexibility and configurability of Sage 200 Manufacturing makes it a fantastic solution for any manufacturing business, so whether you’re making one-off job costed projects or repeat, high volume production, Sage 200 Manufacturing is the solution for your business.

Simplify your supply chain

by automatically generating orders for stock and raw materials at the right times.

Know what materials are being used where

with full batch and serial traceability being tracked through the entire production process.

View your profitability

by linking back all time and material to a centralised project hub.

Generate works orders,

purchase orders and sales orders that are all linked to specific projects and check in on progress with built in WIP reporting.

Never go over capacity

using MRPs capacity planning you can ensure you are able to deliver on all projects on time.

Easily manage your entire process

whether you’re making one off bespoke items or in mass production, Sage 200 manufacturing gives you control of your planning, assemblies, production, scheduling & stock from estimations to quote to delivery..

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Sage 200 Manufacturing Module FAQs

Each of the modules are available separately if you don’t need the full functionality or want to take a more phased approach to implementation. They are of course cheaper as a unit but that is the joy of subscription pricing, you can upgrade when you are ready.

What is included in the Sage 200 Manufacturing Module?

Sage 200 MRP (Material & Resource Planning)

Sage 200's Material and Resource Planning module will recommend when to make and buy products in a clear and simple interface that can be easily filtered, sorted and actioned to create Purchase and Work Orders without the need to manually key data, saving time across the business and reducing the likelihood of human error.

The Stock projection functionality of MRP allows you to view a list of predicted stock levels across all, or a range, of your products. It identifies potential problems before they occur by providing accurate forecasts of stock levels meaning stock should never fall below minimum levels or exceed maximum storage capacity.

Master Production Scheduling in the MRP module will smoothly control production planning, Works Order processing and resource management. This provides all the functionality needed to control labour costs, machine time, and reduce manual planning time, allowing the system to handle back-to-back ordering seamlessly.


Sage 200 Works Order Processing

Sage 200's Works Order Processing Module allows the automatic generation of Works Orders for both batch and one-off works orders via MRP, BoM or Estimating, eliminating the need to manually create every work order and cuts out the chance of human error.

Works Order Processing allows you to print Pick Lists, Route Cards & Job Sheets to quickly and easily provide production with highly accurate and clear instructions on component quantities and detailed locations.

Record any scrap against traceable finished items and allow replacement materials to be issues directly within Works Orders allowing staff to accurately plan and cost out production.

Works Order Processing allows you to track labour and operations against a works order enabling you to identify low contribution products and sustain visible profit margins.


Sage 200 Estimating

Sage 200's Estimating allows you to build up estimates using a variety of quantity breaks allowing you to quickly alter a quantity and see how the totals are affected. It also gives you the ability to cost and print the estimate details for any/all of your desired quantity breaks.

Estimating also allows you to convert successful estimates directly into jobs or work orders without the need of further data entry, by using works orders you ensure that you have sufficient resources to complete the manufacturing within the allocated time.

By using multiple estimating stages you gain the ability to control the entire estimating process, increasing the flexibility and ensuring you have full control of the costs.

With the Estimating module, you have the option to create Works Orders, Sales Orders and Bill of Material Record at the click of a button. In addition, you are prompted to create stock items for any nonstock items that are used in the estimation. All done quickly and simply without the need to re-key any data.

Actual vs Estimated summary allows you to easily run a detailed drillable report of actual costs against estimated costs and identify where exactly where variance occurs.

Rapid Order Entry within Estimating allows you to create multiple estimations very quickly, this is especially useful for your customer-facing staff who might need to give customers quick accurate quotes.

Sage 200 - Estimating Creating a quotation

Sage 200 Project Accounting

Sicon Projects is your centre of information for all jobs throughout the manufacturing module. By seamlessly linking data from Sage and Sicon modules it gives you a clear and simple overview without the need for laborious double entry of data.

Purchase invoices can be linked to multiple projects and cost headings at entry. Each SOP & POP line can be linked to a separate project and show as commitments.  Projects can be created ‘on the fly’.  Stock issues and returns can be made to jobs and cost headings.

Generate an estimated cost for a project then log Works Orders, Purchase Orders, Stock & Labour to individual projects to compare Actual vs Estimated costs and have clear profitability for every individual project. Gain access to detailed Work In Progress reports and summary total for each project.

Read more about Project Accounting

Sage 200 Kitting

Kitting is the inventory process of combining individual but related built items into a new single product bundle, it can be used to preassemble items that are usually sold together into ready to ship packs rather than picking them separately, or to build out a product bundle such as a monitor, USB Drive & keyboard to be purchased alongside a new computer.

Improve stock control by allocating and issuing component parts more quickly.  Can be integrated with Sage SOP or used on its own to build finished products.

Create a single-level list of parts that are attached to a sales order, check the kit components availability instantly and then allocate and/or issue the parts directly from within Sales Order Processing in Sage 200

Finally, you can easily generate a sales return or disassembly for a kitted item and process the unaffected components back into stock.

Sicon Manufacturing - Kitting In Sage 200

"We were absolutely delighted with the work the team at itas did in enabling us to move onto Sage 200. The itas team was invaluable in helping us scope the project as well as implementing the express installation, ensuring we were up and running before the deadline. Over the last 12 months, the whole team at itas have been fantastic in their response to our enquiries and have provided regular help and support to our sales and account teams."
Preseli, Migration from ERP System

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How we help Manufacturing businesses


At itas our Sage 200 Consultants have extensive experience working alongside manufacturing industries to deliver fit for purpose solutions to individual businesses. All our consultants are both Sage and Sicon accredited and therefore are more than equipped to understand your needs and processes in a new financial and manufacturing system.

We have worked closely with companies throughout the industry to implement new systems that have helped to improve work processes and reduce man-hours in both planning and production.

Our consultants are happy to provide a free personalised 1-1 demonstration of Sage 200 Manufacturing to you and show how the setup can help improve production processes in your business. Contact us today to find out how.


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At itas, we believe in working in partnership with you to deliver the perfect solution that you want and need for your business. As a multi-award winning Sage Partner, our approach is to help you maximise technology to transform the way you work.

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The change to any new platform is a journey, and we will be on that journey with you, every step of the way.
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