Sage 200 Manufacturing: When Time is Money, Timing is Everything

In Sage 200 by Hannah Munro

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Modern industry demands efficiency. Whether you are global or local your business’ success depends upon your ability to deliver goods and services quickly and effectively. Sage 200 Manufacturing business software is not only flexible and efficient to use, it enables your business to provide detailed estimates, invoicing for materials and manage your inventory and components on the fly. Time has always been money and Sage 200 Manufacturing gives your business the competitive edge by enabling you to manage time better than any other business software suite around.

Sage 200 Manufacturing

Sage 200 Manufacturing software modules allow you to manage every aspect of your manufacturing process from the bidding stage to the design and assembly stage and even the logistics stage. Each module interacts with each other and other software suites in the Sage 200 family. The entire Sage 200 family of software suites are SQL compliant and built with a .NET framework so you are assured of knowing that Sage 200 Manufacturing is not only stable and reliable but secure and flexible as well.

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Imagine being able to track and manage all of your manufacturing materials in your entire inventory so that you never run out of inventory ever again. Sage 200 Bill of Materials in conjunction with the manufacturing module manages all of your sub-contractors, automatically generate purchase orders, manage product assembly from multiple warehouses and manage complex build timelines. Bills of Materials will enable you to manage all of your labour, machine and sub-contracted work so that you remain ahead of your operational curve at all times.

Providing an estimate isn’t just about getting the job, it’s about making a promise to your client. A part of being successful is delivering what you said you would when you would and at the costs, you claimed it would require. Giving your potential buyer or client an accurate estimate quickly will not only keep your business rolling but will ensure that your name floats to the top of the list for future projects. Being able to scale bids according to lot size and convert estimates to work orders is not only fast it is predictable.

Success doesn’t just happen. Success is the residue of hard work and planning. Sage 200 Manufacturing allows you to not only maximize all of your manufacturing efforts by aligning your build schedules with your traceable resources and components with its Master Production Schedule. Combine that with the powerful abilities of the Material Requirements Planning module and your business will be able to keep business on track while keeping enough inventory in stock to make sure your production lines are never idle but not so much that you have precious capital tied up in your warehouses. Sage 200 Manufacturing makes your business flexible enough to go with the flow and strong enough to weather any financial climate.


Time is money and in business timing is everything. Being able to stay on top of all of your assets and inventory allows you to not only react in a fluid market but also make sure that all of your orders are being fulfilled in time and with quality in mind. Sage 200 Manufacturing is a force multiplier that enables any business to manage the most important resource of all: time.

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