Sage 200: Getting Everyone Moving in the Right Direction

In Sage 200 by Hannah Munro

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Being able to maximise your profits means reducing your costs and exposure. That is a seemingly simple formula to follow but executing this devilishly simple scheme takes the right tools. The most important tool that any business needs to survive is a comprehensive suite of software to enable the office staff, manufacturing floor and warehouse managers to keep things moving on multiple fronts in a unified direction.

Sage 200 is just that package of software. The lineage of ITAS’s flagship software suite is long and storied going back to Sage Line 100 a well-known and reliable DOS based management suite. Now with Sage 50 and Sage 200 available the time to upgrade to Sage 200 is upon us and doing it sooner rather than later will unfold your business’ abilities to grow that much faster.

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The fact of the matter is this: every successful business in the global market has to be able to manage hundreds if not thousands of different types of data and doing that through software is the only way to achieve that. Sage 200 is a fast and effective suite of software modules that allow you to pick and choose what you need for your business but the newest version, is not only SQL based it is also built on a .NET framework so you already know that your data is secure and can be easily integrated in different types of systems.

Everyone knows that keeping overhead down is the key to profitability, but so is investment in your business’s infrastructure. Taking the time, effort and resources to upgrade to Sage 200 is one of those business savvy decisions that an owner or manager makes to enable his team to not only produce more but to work together harmoniously. A single software suite that allows your front of house to talk to the guys making things happen on the shop floor or in the warehouse. It not only keeps a close eye on product inventory but also ensures that all of your product lines and stock are being effectively monitored and managed. A strong and effective software suite empowers all levels of your business to work at a high level of efficiency and effectiveness.

A rising tide lifts all boats, or so the saying goes. When the tides rise, it is incumbent on the ship’s captain to make sure his boat doesn’t have any holes in the hull. Sage 200 is that tool that allows every ship captain to know where the holes are and how to plug them. That type of management and accounting enables every level of any business to excel, and who doesn’t want that?

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