Sage 200c Deployment Methods

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How can Sage 200c be deployed?

There are three main ways to deploy Sage 200c, On-Premise, Hosted or in the Cloud. We'll take you through each of these three options in this page, going through what they are and their pro's and con's to ensure that you choose the best deployment method for you and your business.

Sage 200c On-Premise

Sage 200c is locally installed onto a server usually within your office (or premises hence the name!) usually clients will see good performance with this option as the server is on the local network and not dependent on things like internet speeds, however, initial set up and maintenance costs can be very high depending on the size of your site, please don;t forget that upgrading on premise servers can also be pretty costly!

Sage 200c in the Cloud

Sage 200c is hosted by Sage themselves, in the 'Cloud'. This sounds fancy but think of it like the hosted option. Instead of logging into a desktop to access Sage, an App is installed on your machine which links directly to the data in the Cloud. Generally this is the slowest of the three options in terms of performance and the possibility of developments on your system here are very limited, but the technical set up for this is very simple and straightforward.

Sage 200c Hosted

Sage 200c is installed on a server much like the On-Premise option, however the server wouldn't be located in your premises but rather 'Hosted' by another company who would set up and maintain the server for you. Users would then log in to a Hosted desktop to access Sage 200c and other day to day programs like Office. This can drastically reduce your initial set up and maintenance costs and also allows users to access the system anywhere at anytime.

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Sage 200 Overview

Find out how Sage 200cloud can improve your business through streamlining your processes, saving time and money and optimising your production.


Sage 200 Training

To ensure your organisation gets the most from all Sage 200c has to offer, itas has developed a wide range of courses that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.