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How Sage Intacct and itas Transformed Financial Management at Black Bear International

Black Bear International, a leading player in the entertainment industry, recently adopted Sage Intacct as its financial management system. In this case study, they share their experience of implementing Sage Intacct and partnering with itas to streamline their financial processes and reporting. Discover how Sage Intacct and itas helped Black Bear International enhance their financial management and why they would recommend both Sage Intacct and itas to other businesses.


Industry: Film Production & Distribution
Location: UK
Project Type: Sage Intacct Implementation
Previous Software: Microsoft Excel

The Challenges Faced by Black Bear International

Over-reliance on Excel Spreadsheets

Black Bear International were working out of multiple Excel spreadsheets, they faced challenges such as poor data quality, lack of visibility and audit trail as well as siloed working within the team. They were concerned at how much time was being spent every week just checking the accuracy of their data and felt their time was being spent unproductively on manual tasks.
Lack of Reporting Capabilities

They were having to create different views of the same data for stakeholders around the business to allow for reporting across different dimensions, this involved manual data manipulation which was time consuming and error-prone.
"We decided to choose itas as our Sage Intacct partner because we felt that they not only took the time to understand our business and everyone on the team who would be using Sage Intacct, but they were also refreshingly transparent in giving realistic timelines throughout the implementation process."
The benefits of choosing Sage Intacct & itas

Improved Reporting and Efficiency
When researching finance solutions, Black Bear were looking for a number of key features; a single source of reporting, visibility for stakeholders across the business, strong consolidation capabilities and most importantly, a system that was easy to use for the whole business - Sage Intacct ticked all of these boxes.
Quick & correct implementation process
When looking for a Sage Intacct implementation partner, Black Bear International wanted someone who really took the time to understand their business and their needs. Ultimately, the most important thing for them was ensuring that they would be using Sage Intacct in the best way possible for the business, and that is what drew them to itas. They were also on a tight deadline for implementing Sage Intacct, so quickly and correctly were what they required!
Instant improvements in productivity and efficiency across the organisation
Black Bear now have complete confidence in their data, gone are the days of segregation, inaccuracies, and manual processes, “I think the biggest impact is that everyone can see the data. So rather than having one person track the spreadsheet, we’re no longer restricted, which has definitely helped with our productivity and efficiency. Just being able to trace back any transactions, we are able to see the full picture now in Sage Intacct.” Mia goes on to share that Black Bear are saving days per week with Sage Intacct, eliminating the need to manually check the accuracy of their data, and being able to automate normally time-consuming manual processes like bank reconciliation.

It’s not just the finance team that are reaping the benefits of Sage Intacct, the wider organisation are happier too! “Before Intacct, the Marketing team had no visibility of spend VS budgets. They were having to guess where they were against budgets based on emails and spreadsheets. With Sage Intacct they have visibility from purchase requisition all the way through to invoice, allowing them to accurately and in real-time track their spends against their budget.”

Black Bear are already taking advantage of the powerful reporting capabilities available in Sage Intacct, reducing the timeline to report to their advisors from 1 month to less than 2 weeks.

"If you are looking for a Sage Intacct partner, I would highly recommend itas. All the way through the process they have been very helpful, transparent, responsive and always on top of our needs. No issue is too big or too small with itas, there is always someone there ready to help."

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