How much does Sage 200 Cost?

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Sage 200 Pricing

The cost of Sage 200 starts from as little as £289 for subscription, Sage no longer offer a perpetual option for Sage 200 due to adopting a SaaS model. The price of Sage 200 is variable based on modules, subscription type and other elements that tailor the software to your businesses needs. To get accurate Sage 200 pricing, we would ideally need to know your requirements.

Product Cost
Sage 200 Professional £289 +VAT Subscription* Find out more
Sage 200 Standard £305 +VAT Subscription* Find out more

How much does Sage 200 cost?

Sage 200 Professional is available as a subscription pricing model. The subscription model is a monthly payment for either the on-premise or online version of Sage 200 Professional. Subscription offers you Sage 200 software as a service. You “rent” or “subscribe” to the software even though it is installed on your servers.

The perpetual model is the upfront payment method for the on-premise version of Sage 200 Professional, however, Sage no longer offer it as a payment option.

As standard, Sage 200 Professional comes with access to the Sage 200 Financials Module, Sage Report Designer & Excel Reporting tools for one user starting from £289 per month (subscription). Additional users are charged separately.

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How can a demo be on-demand and personalised? We have pre-recorded a Sage 200 demo that allows you to select the features that are important to you. Once you've selected the features you want to see, an interactive demo is instantly built just for you that showcases only the things you care about! And the best part? It's ready in seconds, completely on demand, with no human intervention!

Sage 200 helped Playdale improve customer satisfaction rates and improve sales with a 22% increase in quote conversion:

"Our inventory is consistently growing, and having Sage 200 accessible on multiple devices at any time is key to the smooth running of our business. Everybody in Playdale uses Sage 200 in everything that they’re doing. Sage 200 is key to the smooth running of our business, over the last few years, the company has improved factory efficiency by 11.8%."
Barry Leahey MBE, Managing Director, Playdale Playgrounds

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Sage 200 Module Costs

Sage 200 Professional comes with a range of additional modules to help tailor the solution to your business. The list of modules included below are our most popular additions along with their guide pricing.

Module Cost
Sage 200 Commercials £123 Subscription* Find out more
Sage 200 Bill of Materials £85 Subscription* Find out more
Sage 200 Manufacturing £531 Subscription* Find out more
Sage 200 Projects £233 Subscription* Find out more
sage 200 professional vs sage 200 standard comparison

Sage 200 User Cost

Sage 200 Professional is priced on a user by user basis. There are a few different types of user licenses available:

  • Desktop Users: These licenses are purely used for those processing data within Sage 200. Sage 200 Desktop Users are concurrent users so you only need to purchase for the maximum number of people accessing the system at the same time, you may have 20 users but only need 5 concurrent user licenses.
  • Connected Users: This is ideal for users who only want to access the system to view reports, raise Purchase Requisitions or Authorize POs. They can also the system via the Web. Connected Users are Named and each requires their own license.
  • CRM Users: This gives users access to the functionality of Sicon CRM which is both accessible from within Sage 200 or via a web portal. These are Named Users and each requires its own license.
Sage 200 User Cost
Sage 200 Desktop User £48 Subscription*
Sage CRM User £10 Subscription*
Sage 200 Connected User (Named) £9 Subscription*

Additional Sage 200 Costs to Consider

The prices provided on this page are guideline prices for the purchase of Sage 200 software. Alongside the software you will need to think about other charges you could incur. Sage 200 Support is a price you should consider alongside your software pricing as this is an ongoing service you will need to accompany Sage 200. For the implementation of your software you will need to think about the costs for installing and configuring the solution, Sage 200 training for your team and the migration of your existing data.

Sage 200 Example Pricing

The following is a pricing example of a common Sage 200 solution.
Sage 200 Professional with Commercials, Projects 2 Finance Users, and 3 Connected Users.

Sage 200 Professional Subscription

  • Sage 200 Professional (1 Desktop User & 2 Connected Users Inc) £289
  • Commercials £123
  • Projects £233
  • 1 Additional Desktop User £48
  • 2 Connected Users £18

*All prices on this page are subject to change.

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Are you looking for a true Cloud-based Finance Solution?

There is a true Cloud version of Sage 200 available called Sage 200 Standard, ideal for growing businesses who are looking to gain more control, scalability and visibility whilst maintaining an affordable cost.

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Sage 200 Standard Pricing

Sage 200 Standard is only available on the Cloud. Because of this, it is also only available on a subscription payment model. That means you pay a monthly fee for the use of the cloud-based software, this can be billed to you upfront annually or on a month-by-month basis. The Sage 200 Standard Base Pack includes access for your first 3 users and starts from just £305 a month.

  • Sage 200 Standard Base Pack - £305
  • Additional Users - £17 per month
  • Web Users (Named) - £5.75 per month
  • Additional Companies - £34 per month

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