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Sage 200 Project Accounting Module

Project Accounting Module

Project Accounting is a flexible module, allowing you to allocate revenue and cost transactions to your project through the Financials and Commercials module integration options. The module has lots of useful features such as, tracking your revenue against budgets, track your project costing, process and record time-sheets for employees and set their charge and cost rates. The module allows you to have full control of your system, enabling you to run detailed enquiries on all areas of your projects.

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Sage 200cloud Project Accounting Module Features & Benefits

  • Quick and easy navigation to project accounting data using work-spaces
  • Track costs and revenues against budgets at both project level and below
  • Analyse committed costs from the POP module
  • Upto the minute analysis on projects with detailed drill down functionality
  • Reduce the need to re-key information by creating projects from quotes or sales orders
  • Multi structure module allows you to create simple or more complex projects to replicate your current project structure
  • Engage your team and improve adoption with customisable labels that match your business terms
  • Enquire and report on key information with an unlimited number of additional data fields
  • Handle one off projects easily with configurable settings
  • Manage the life of a project using multiple statuses
  • Consolidation of multiple companies into a parent company
  • Period based budgets are supported for both cost and revenues
  • Record costs and revenue against projects using sales, SOP, POP, purchase, time-sheet and expenses transactions
  • Record overhead costs more accurately with auto adding of overhead recovery costs
  • Easily enter time-sheets and expenses against projects using the web based time-sheet and expenses module
  • Easily move costs and revenue from one project to another using the cost/revenue adjustments
  • Analyse accruals to projects with the option to auto reverse
  • Choose to enable or disable integration with different ledgers

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