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  • Increase operational cashflow
  • Reduce cash forecast variance by up to 90%
  • Cut your month end close time by up to 79%

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SaaS businesses need powerful accounting software

SaaS businesses need to focus on long-term customer relationships vs transactions. With this comes the complexity of billing, forecasting, SaaS metrics, and revenue recognition. Many SaaS businesses struggle to balance these processes in their legacy finance systems and are now seeking out new, forward-thinking, automated solutions.

Why is your accounting software holding your SaaS business back?

Lack of automation

Many SaaS businesses find that a lot of time is taken up with manual processes such as consolidation, month-end, billing, and compliance. Processes like these can take days, sometimes even weeks without automation and means more time is spent on admin than analysis.

Being stuck on legacy software

Legacy systems can often be outdated or unsupported and many SaaS businesses experience downtime, reliability and security problems. Remote access, digitisation of processes can be limited and the costs of maintaining and upgrading (or not upgrading) can cost more than you think.

Disconnected systems and processes

Integration and seamless collaboration are imperative for the functioning of SaaS businesses. Unfortunately, legacy accounting systems often aren't well integrated with other tools and systems, leaving you trapped in manual processes, spreadsheets, and cumbersome workarounds.

Lack of real-time information

SaaS businesses need to understand their customers' revenue lifecycle and see critical operational and financial SaaS metrics, unfortunately, if this isn't in real-time, the time it takes to create the data can often lead to out-of-date information and poor decision making.

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SaaS metrics you should care about

These metrics can be the difference between getting your next round of funding and hitting the wall.

(Committed Annual Recurring Revenue)
The most insightful view of the business, a leading indicator of revenue.
(Customer Acquisition Cost)
The costs across marketing and sales to acquire a new customer.
(Customer Lifetime Value)
The net profit you have received throughout the customers' relationship with you.
Percentage of customers that do not renew their subscription or unsubscribe.
Free Cash Flow
After paying expenditures and expenses, the money you have left over.
(Cash Conversion Score)
ROI Capital that correlates to long-term value.

Functionality you should look for in SaaS accounting software

functionality you should look for in an accounting software - sage

Why should you trust us to help support your SaaS business?

  • We sit down with you to understand your requirements in detail in a product agnostic way - we will never assume which product is right for you.

  • Our multi-product advisors work across the Sage product range and help you identify which product is best suited for your business needs.

  • Our product advisors spend time with you delving into the depths of your requirements to ensure its the perfect fit for your SaaS business.

  • Having worked with a large number of SaaS businesses, we can advise you not only on software but also on best practice process design to ensure you build an agile and impactful finance team.

Which accounting software is right for your growing SaaS business?

In order to help you select the right accounting software, we would need to have a chat with you to get a good understanding of your business. However, if you are not ready for that and just want to explore your options, we would typically recommend either Sage Intacct or Sage 200 for your SaaS organisation.

Both Sage 200 and Sage Intacct offer strong core financial capabilities, contract management software, revenue recognition automation and API integration. However, below will help you understand the key differences.
Explore Sage Intacct if you:
  • Have companies in different base currencies
  • Have companies in different tax legislations (or international growth plans), particularly US
  • Need integration with Salesforce, Kimble or any other best-of-breed platforms
  • Need usage based billing
  • Need advanced project billing or project revenue recognition capabilities
Explore Sage 200 if you:
  • Have UK only entities
  • Are looking for on-premise or wish to host the software yourself
  • Are looking for a more traditional ERP with inbuilt CRM
  • Are already heavily invested in Microsoft Power BI/ Power Automate
  • Offer a Manufacturing/ Stock element to the services you provide

Sage Intacct for SaaS

Sage Intacct is a powerful, Cloud accounting solution that helps transform your finance processes, allowing you to build a scalable finance team within your SaaS business. Sage Intacct has been rated the #1 Subscription platform by Gartner and allows you to automate your billing, analyse across customers, products and revenue streams, all at the click of a button, manage renewal cycles, usage-based billing, cancellations, and upgrades with full audit tracking of changes and offers an out of the box, real-time integration with Salesforce, syncing accounts, products and invoices across platforms. 

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Sage Intacct wins Big Innovation award 2021


Sage 200 for SaaS

With Sage 200, all information is in one core database with a choice of deployment methods, either on-premise or hosted in the Cloud. Sage 200 is ideal for SaaS businesses that have only UK entities, helping businesses shift to managing contracts rather than traditional sales orders. Sage 200 offers an integrated CRM allowing you to manage both customer and supplier communications as well as powerful pre-built integrations with tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Power Automate. Sage 200 helps your SaaS businesses streamline finance processes, automatically generate invoices and billing, collect and process Direct Debits, track changes & additions to contracts, manage deferred costs, revenue, timesheets and expenses and track project profitability, all within one powerful system.

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Sage 200 for SaaS

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Sage 200 Standard for Financial Services

Sage 200 Standard is a powerful, smart Cloud accounting solution that has been designed and developed to bring you the freedom to work wherever and whenever you want to. It comes with essential financial capabilities which allow you to make decisions based on accurate and timely insight for your future business growth.

Produce detailed reports for your Financial Services business that can easily be used to forecast and budget for customers and suppliers. Use the interactive dashboards included helping you gain an even greater view of the health of your business. Sage 200 Standard is ideal for a range of Financial Services firms, including Wealth and Asset Management, Investment Funds, Auto-Enrolment, Employee Benefits and Workplace Pensions.

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