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Manufacturing & Bill of Materials (BOM) Module

Manufacturing & BOM Module

The Manufacturing module allows you to use BOM (Bill of Materials) on it’s own or as part of manufacturing. The elements featured in this module are, Estimating, Planning, Works Orders, Operation Times, Graphical Planner and Manufacturing System Manager.

Sage 200cloud Manufactuing Module

  • Bill of Materials BOM
  • Estimating
  • Material Requirements Planning MRP
  • MPS
  • Graphical Planner
  • Works Order Processing (WOP)

It of course can also be integrated with the Commercials module for SOP, POP and Stock.

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  • Easily print quotes directly from the module or using Microsoft Word
  • Save time by using the same estimate for different quantity breaks and calculate the different costs
  • Quickly convert successful estimates to jobs and process through MRP
  • Measure actuals vs estimates on screen or via a report
  • Speed up your processing by creating Sales Orders and BOMs directly from an estimate
  • Rapid order entry feature allows your telesales team to create quotes quickly

Material Requirements Planning

  • Tailor MRP work-spaces to suit your users and have all your information in one place
  • Work-spaces available include the MRP by supplier, stock code or product group.
  • Improve your efficiency by automatic generation of purchase from MRP recommendations

Master production scheduling MPS

  • Control your material, labour and machine costs in a busy manufacturing environment
  • Easily read and schedule demand from sales orders, sales forecasts and estimates
  • Identify problems before they arise with Sage 200s powerful stock projection facility

Graphical Planner

  • Easily understand the impact of changes to due dates or quantities
  • Make the most efficient use of machine or labour resources
  • Easily identify resource bottlenecks and assess the impact of adding additional resources
  • Quickly identify alternatives by dragging and dropping operations on the graphical planning board then updating the scheduler
  • Optional upgrades to higher level preactor solutions for more complex schedules

Works Order Processing (WOP)

  • Reduce error and improve efficiency by automatically generating works orders from MRP or BOM Trial kitting
  • Communicate effectively with your production team by printing pick lists, route cards and works orders
  • Produce certificates of conformity
  • Simplify transaction processing with optional multilevel back-flush
  • Keep a tight control of your costs by recording labour costs and scrap components.
  • Identify actual vs estimate costs
  • Print work in progress reports to help you stay on top of your costs
  • Maintain quality standards with stock traceability tracking through the entire process

Sage 200c Bill of Materials

  • Create Bill of Materials that include stock items, operations and subcontract
  • Easily copy or duplicate existing BOM templates to save time
  • Quickly figure out the maximum build quantity for a BOM based on the current free stock
  • The trial kitting function allows you to calculate thestock needed to build a set quantity of your BOM and identifies any shortages
  • The implode or explode function allows you to identify any BOMs that contain a component as well as giving you the ability to drill down to multiple levels of components
  • Automatically record expected scrap or production losses to ensure accurate costings are recorded
  • Version your BOMs to prevent mistakes and control the make up of the Bill of Materials
  • See a breakdown of the costs against BOM over time and analyse against actual costs
  • Easily allocate and build BOMs to meet customer orders and keep your stock up to date

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Sage 200cloud BOM module and features brochure

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