How to Remove Reserved Stock in Sage 200

In Sage 200 by Wendy

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Are you struggling to remove Reserved Stock in Sage 200? There may be a time when you are trying to allocate stock, but are unable to as it is saying that there is no stock available when you know that there is but you cannot find it anywhere. At some point, the stock may have been ‘set aside’ by Sage for future orders.

These orders that may never came through but Sage has put it into Reserved Stock. Therefore, you or no one else will have access to this stock, as it has been saved by Sage.

In an ideal world, this would be a good thing, but sometimes orders fall through and you need to release that ‘saved stock’. This is what we are going to be looking at in this blog, let’s get started…

First things first…

To start with, you need to have the Stock Code at hand.

Then, go into System Admin to get the name of the database that you are going to looking for:

database name

When you have the Database name log onto your SQL server >  Double click on the Database tab

Find the database in question, open up the database > Tables > Double click on tables and find the Stock Item Table – (named dbo.stockitem)

Step 1

Scroll to the Stock Item Table > right click and click on Edit Top 200 Rows

edit top 200 rows

In the toolbar along the top there is a table icon:   A  blog 4

Click this and  the Stock Item Code table will appear

Go to the Code field and scroll along to the ‘Filter’ column > add the Stock Code.



In the toolbar: Click on the b13 button as indicated on the screenshot below:B

(depending on the version of SQL that you are running, you may get a message saying that it could not be parsed: C If you get this message then type in = then enter the code‘:  D ie. =’.test’) .

This will then give you the Stock Item ID,  E  which is displayed in a new table, which will appear below…

(ensure you make a note of this number)

execute icon                                                                                          error message


entering filter                                                   entering item ID

Step 2

With the Stock Item ID: E displayed, scroll along to Quantity Reserved Column.

Change this to zero but do not press enter. 

Using the keyboard arrows: Click the down arrow 1st followed by the right arrow, this will save any changes.

entering item ID                                  quantity reserved                         


Step 3

Go back into tables listed on the left of the screen, scroll to the ‘Bin Item Table’.

Right-click on this > Edit Top 200 > enter the Stock Item ID 

Then it is just a case of repeating from Step 1

Step 4

Go back to the list of tables on the left of the screen, scroll to ‘Warehouse Item’.

Right-click on this > Edit Top 200 > Then repeat from Step 2

Step 5

Now to check that the changes have been made in Sage:

Go into Sage > Stock ControlStock List.

Then, we need to add another column to do this you go to the top of the table,  in the title bar of the list (‘the name bar’), right-click to add a column. This is for filtering purposes later.

file path

You then need to put your Stock Code, the original one from Sage, into the search  A , (this is the filter you added) and it will search the tables:

test field input

The amount in the Quantity Reserved will now be zero: B

You have now removed your Reserved Stock!

Congratulations. We absolutely love feedback here at itas, so if you enjoyed this blog… or didn’t, please let us know!