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Sicon Audit Log for Sage 200 IconSicon Audit Trail Log
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Sicon Cash Flow IconCash Flow Manager
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sicon modules sicon DMSDocument Manager
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sicon modules distribution managerDistribution Manager
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Sicon Fixed AssetsFixed Assets
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Sage 200 Audit Trail

What is Audit Trail Log for Sage 200c?

The Sicon Audit Trail Log is an excellent piece of kit to allow users to view any changes made to certain areas of the system. Unsure if a customer account has had its credit limit changed? Well the Sicon Audit Trail will allow you to view who changed it, when, and whether it was an increase or a decrease. Not only that but the user who did the change even has the ability to enter a reason for why the change was made by use of a free text entry screen, ensuring that there are no more of those desperate searches through emails to find out the reason for the change.

Now this is not just limited to the credit limit field, infact there are hundreds of fields within the core modules (Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Cash Book, Nominal Ledger, Stock Control, Sales Order Processing) which are tracked.

Now it’s all well and good having a log of who changed what and why, but the Audit Trail log also allows for these changes to be approved by a nominated user or user group. This allows for total control around the system, keeping your mind at ease and ensuring that no silly mistakes are made to important fields within Sage 200.
Sicons Audit Trail log allows for a report to be printed off to view the changes as well as a button at the bottom of each screen to show which changes occurred to the specific Customer, Supplier, Stock Item etc…

Sage 200 Cash Flow Manager

What is Cash Flow Manager for Sage 200c?

Sicon Cash Flow Manager is designed specifically as an enhancement for Sage 200. Fully integrated with the Sage 200 financial ledgers and order processing modules, this is a simple module to setup and use. Design multiple cash flow structures including bank accounts, sales ledger, purchase ledger, sales and purchase orders, nominal budgets and manual ad-hoc income and expenditure entries.

Use the drag and drop feature to adjust the transactions in the cash flow interface to reflect expected cash impact without amending the due dates and promised dates manually.

  • Installed and maintained within Sage 200.
  • Runs with all Sage 200 Companies at no extra cost.
  • Available for all Sage 200 users based on permissions at no extra cost.
  • Design your specific cash flow management structure, select a timeframe and display options.
  • Include bank accounts, sales ledger & purchase ledger invoices, nominal ledger budgets plus Sales and Purchase orders into the structure.
  • Add ad-hoc income and expenditure into the plan for un-budgeted items.
  • Load the forecast and use the drag and drop functionality to move items to their expected cash impact date.
  • Export the forecast to Excel.
  • Build a specific cash flow forecast structure to allow long term planning of income & expenditure.
  • Load up to 5 year of cash flow forecast using the current position plus nominal budgets.
  • Amend the forecast and budgets using the drag and drop interface to better reflect the expected cash impact dates.
  • Can be used to assist credit control by adding and reviewing existing invoice memo’s.
  • Add notes to all transactions from within the cash flow.
Sage 200 Document Manager

What is Document Manager for Sage 200c?

Sicon Document Manager (DMS) is a powerful and useful addon which allows users to scan and retrieve any documents whilst they work in Sage 200, using no other additional document management software or indexing alongside it. Within the Sage 200 SQL database, you will find all document indexing information, it is stored here to allow for quick searching. All of your documents are stored securely with attachment paths, to make sure that all of your documents are fully backed up within your Sage backup plan.

  • Installed and maintained within Sage 200.
  • Users have the ability to scan, attached or simply view documents.
  • Available for all Sage 200 Companies at no extra charge.
  • Scan and attach documents within your standard Sage 200 system screens, using no additional software
  • Access and retrieve documents straight from Sage 200 accounts, transactions and orders.
  • Save your valuable time and space (you will save around 20% of administrative time), giving you the freedom to focus on more important tasks
  • Sicon DMS will streamline in the following areas of Sage 200:
    • Customers: All transactional and account related documents such as purchase invoices and credit notes
    • Suppliers: Any transactional and account related documents such as purchase invoices, credit notes and payment authorisation
    • Nominal Ledger: Backup copies of Journals calculations in paper, Excel formats or both
    • Sales Order: Customer purchase orders, delivery documents that require to be signed etc
    • Purchase Order: Purchase contacts, any delivery documtns etc
    • Stock Control: Item specification documents
  • All of your documents can be accessed from outside of Sage, using a browser/tablet interface (requires license)
Sage 200 Distribution Manager

What is Distribution Manager for Sage 200c?

Sicon Distribution Manager has been specifically created as an additional module for Sage 200, which fully integrates with both the Sage 200 Stock and Order Processing modules. This enhancement will manage all of the distribution organisations to improve costing, reduce stock holdings, manage seasonal trends, increase the efficiency of telesales and incorporate the forecasting of sales within future stock projections and suggested purchase order creation.

  • Installed and maintained within Sage 200.
  • Runs with all Sage 200 companies at no extra cost.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Enhanced Stock balances shows 'Forward Orders' Quantity with drill down to unallocated sales orders and lines
  • Detailed drill down on Stock balances to Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Quotes and Proforma's.
  • New useful fields: 'Items per box' and 'Boxes per pallet'.
  • Drilldown in SOP for Telesales enhancements, view customers previous purchases, dates etc.
  • Drilldown to stock item balances, stock projections, quotes and proforma's.
  • Intelligent allocation & association of stock to keep warehouse stock free to sell.
  • Purchase Orders show Sales Order Associations.
  • New SOP status for ‘Whole Order Ship’ & ‘Deliver with next order’
  • Real-Time Stock Balance Projections showing stock level movements into the future including SOP, POP.
  • Suggested Purchase orders are created for stock shortages based on min stock levels, unallocated sales orders and imported sales forecasts.
  • Delayed or lost orders can be notified to customers affected.
Sage 200 WAP (WEb Authorisation)

What is WAP (Web Authorisation) for Sage 200c?

Sicon WAP (Web Authorisation) is a flexible tool, designed for precise, real time integration with Sage 200. Streamline day-to-day processes using WAP, allowing for quick and simple data entry and approval processing for all business documents such as Invoices, Expenses, Holidays, Sales Orders etc. WAP has 7 modules available for you to chose from, ensuring you have the right solution that fits your business.

  • WAP modules that are available:
    • Purchase Requisitions
    • Invoice Approval
    • Expenses
    • Timesheets
    • Holiday Approval
    • Sales Orders
    • HR
  • Web Authorisation is a web based application, which can be integrated with one, or a number of Sage companies
  • This module is completely scaleable, from just 1 user to 2000.
  • Import using CSV file types and approval routes.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Sicom DMS and Draycir Document Capture to view document management images
  • Also integrate with Sage Project Accounting to create the solution that is right for you
Sage 200 Fixed Assets

What is Fixed Assets for Sage 200c?

This Sage 200 add on is the best and most efficient way to manage all of your Fix Assets. Our fully integrated management solution is the one place you can store thousands of assets and has unlimited assets available in each Sage company, at no extra cost.

  • This solution will be installed directly into Sage 200.
  • You can import existing/previous assets from Excel.
  • Our solution features all standard depreciation methods such as sum of digits, reducing balance and straight line.
  • Operate using list views and a range of workspaces.
  • Have access to 150 analysis codes, which can configure custom tabs for each individual asset.
  • All standard reports are available, amendable and in report designer format.
  • Record and compare all costs against existing assets.
  • Also provided, depreciation forecasts which will help your future years.
  • Keep record of all history from depreciation, locations, employees and nominal codes.
  • Create your own Asset categories and sub categories.
  • Utilise the Sage 200 Purchase Ledge Invoice entry screen to create assets.
  • Get attachments and memos for all assets you create.
  • Control the disposal process using the process wizard.

Also, use the asset revaluation process wizard which will control the revaluation process and nominal postings.

  • Make use of the Vehicle Register and Accident Log features.
  • Specifically developed to manage high volumes of assets.
  • Works in alliance of Sicon Job costing and accounting.
  • Hold assets to postpone depreciation postings.
  • Document all Insurance category details and record Insure provider.
  • Integrate with Sicon DMS, this will allow you to scan/store and view all documents which link to assets.