WOP for Sage 200

Works Order Processing

  • Accurately plan and cost out production
  • Identify low contribution products
  • Sustain visible profit margins

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What is WOP for Sage 200?

WOP stands for Works Order Processing and is a powerful extension of Sage 200's BOM & stock control modules. An ideal addition for the manufacturing industry, WOP eliminates the need to manually create every works order through automation of both batch and one-off works orders.
Eliminate manual data entry
Reduce the risk of human error
Save time & money

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Why you should use Sage 200 & WOP

  • When creating a new Works Order you can quickly select the stock item you need to build directly from it’s BOM, apply the quantity you want to build, and Works Order Processing will pull together the list of required components, as well as any associated labour time & machine resources needed for the build.

  • Set the default locations for the finished product to go to and for the components to come from and then allocate the raw components, with the system automatically prioritising your default location as the source.

  • Works Orders will also allow you to create Purchase Orders or WAP Requisitions for any stock shortages you may have for the project, pulling in your preferred suppliers for each component.

Sicon Manufacturing - WOP in Sage 200
Sage 200 - Works Orders Auto Generated
  • Sub-assemblies can have their own sub works orders linked directly to them.

  • There is no limit to the number of sub-assemblies a BOM can have on a Works Order with BOM and Works Order Processing.

  • Once all stock is allocated it can be issued and then the completed product can be booked into stock, including support for traceable items as well as multiple outputs. You can also log any scrappage against the Works Order.

  • The Back Flush utility is used to complete works orders quickly. The screen leads you through the five steps, and it’s possible to back flush multiple works orders at the same time.

Other features of WOP for Sage 200

Examine outstanding component lines on current works orders with the Expediting function.
A range of built-in reports available including, Picking Lists, Sales Orders Linked to Works Orders, Labour Analysis, Traceable components in Finished Items to name just a few.
Bulk Issue allows you to search by a component stock code and review all outstanding works orders that require this certain stock item.
Sage 200 helped Playdale improve customer satisfaction rates and improve sales with a 22% increase in quote conversion:

"Our inventory is consistently growing, and having Sage 200 accessible on multiple devices at any time is key to the smooth running of our business. Everybody in Playdale uses Sage 200 in everything that they’re doing. Sage 200 is key to the smooth running of our business, over the last few years, the company has improved factory efficiency by 11.8%."

How we help Manufacturing businesses


At itas our Sage 200 Consultants have extensive experience working alongside manufacturing industries to deliver fit for purpose solutions to individual businesses. All our consultants are both Sage and Sicon accredited and therefore are more than equipped to understand your needs and processes in a new financial and manufacturing system.

We have worked closely with companies throughout the industry to implement new systems that have helped to improve work processes and reduce man-hours in both planning and production.

Our consultants are happy to provide a free personalised 1-1 demonstration of Sage 200 Manufacturing to you and show how the setup can help improve production processes in your business. Contact us today to find out how.

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