Sage CRM – Entity Mapping (Lead, Opportunity, Company, Person)

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Sage CRM entity mapping can be used to make data input easier. What would be more annoying than going entering details for a lead to then have to enter them again when you convert them to an opportunity? Nothing!

Sage CRM has entity mapping built in for this purpose and even when built in mapping isn’t available (Lead to Person or Company) it’s easy to create your own.

First I will show you how to use the mapping functionality within Sage CRM. To do this you need to get to the entity customisation screen. This can be done within CRM by going to:

Administration –> Customisation

Here you will see all of the primary entities. To then add new fields you need to click on the entity where the field is required. For this demo we will go to Lead.

Setting Up Entity Mapping

Now that we have set up the Lead fields we need to set up the fields in our other entities. These next steps depend upon where the field is going to be mapped to. In this blog I am just going to give instructions for simple mappings but when planned correctly it is possible to create these mappings between more than one entity.

Lead to Opportunity

For the lead to opportunity mapping, we can use the inbuilt mapping tool found by clicking Mappings.

Sage CRM – Entity Mapping Lead-Opportunity-Company-Person - Entity Mapping Screenshot

Before we create the mapping you have to ensure that you have relevant fields set up in the opportunity entity. They don’t have to have the same name as the lead fields but you should be able to recognise them and their link field. When you enter the mapping screen you will see a table that shows any existing mappings.

Sage CRM – Entity Mapping Lead-Opportunity-Company-Person - Lead to Opportunity Mapping Screenshot

To add a new mapped field just click on the new button.

Sage CRM – Entity Mapping Lead-Opportunity-Company-Person - Mapping Details Screenshot

Just enter the field name and the mapped field name and click save. This will then create a mapped field.

Lead to Company

With a lead to company mapping there is no built-in tool, so the mapping has to be set up manually. This just requires the fields to be planned so that they can be set up easily without the need to create new fields.

If you had a field for the number of employees (noemployees) and wanted to map this between Lead and Company so that when a company is created from a lead the value is pulled through. You need to plan the field names.

You would start by creating the Company field as the data is regarding the company comp_noemployees. Then to get the values pulled through from a lead we need to set up the lead field slightly different. In the lead entity, you would need to call the field lead_companynoemployees. You need to make sure that you have the word company before the field name and use the same field name as in the original entity (Company).

Lead to Person

The same applied with lead to person mapping. As there is no built-in mapping we need to create it manually. If we were to create a field in person called Date of Birth pers_dob then we would need to create the matched field in lead lead_persondob.

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