The Sage Live software is built to be tailored perfectly to you and your business. We know that not every user needs the same thing from the system and this is reflected in the pricing for Sage Live. Below you will find an explanation of the different user licenses available so you can work out the best fit for you as well as a quick introduction to our implementation costs!

To get you started, we offer a ‘Base Pack’ discounted package. This includes 2 Full Users and 6 Operations Users. You can then add on any additional users as you see fit.

Our implementation is split into 4 sections – Scoping, Configuration, Training & Migration. Within each of these sections you have different options so we can really tailor your implementation package to you. For a more in depth explanation on what is covered in each of these sections, please see below.

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Sage Live Software & Support

Sage Live Base Pack

Sage Live Full User

Sage Live Operational User

  • The Sage Live Base Pack is all you need to get started with Sage Live. Included in this package are 2 Full Users as well as 6 Operational Users. You get our standard support package included, as well as all the benefits that come with your Full & Operational Users. Of course, you get a nice discount with this too!

    Price – £315*

  • The Sage Live Full User license gives a user access to everything that Sage Live has to offer. They can access the system through the standard Salesforce Login from their Desktop as well as on the Sage Live App. This is usually the best option for your accounts users or those who need to log into via the PC.

    Price per user – £95*

  • The Operational User license allows the user to access Sage Live from the Mobile App. They can enter invoices & expenses on the go. With customisable health gauges and dashboards this is usually the best option for those who either want to keep an eye on their business, or occasionally need to enter transactions.

    Price per user – £29*

Our standard Sage Live Support is included in the prices above however an extra charge of £30.00 per organisation is applicable.

*All prices are displayed monthly, but billed annually

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Scoping is a crucial part of the implementation project. It allows us to understand your business processes and reporting requirements and then build the best solution for you. We have three different levels of scoping available:

Documented Scope – perfect if you already know how you want the system to work and we just need to get down on paper what needs to be done! Do in a 2 hour Webinar session

Professional Scope – Our favourite! Two of our consultants will come out onsite and meet you. We will then spend a full day talking through your processes and requirements. The whole thing is then drawn out into a document for you to see.

Impact Scope – This is great if you are looking to make a real business change. Our consultants spend two days onsite with you, exploring your business processes and looking at making improvements. You will also get a proof of concept sesssion as well as a documented copy of the scope.

Configuration is dependant on who much of the system need to bespoke to you. Throughout your demos and conversations with our team about Sage Live you should have a pretty good idea about how much you need. We have three different levels of configuration available:

Fast Track – This option means we will set up the basics you need to get started. This includes your Bank Feeds, up to 50 additional nominal codes, 5 new dimensions and 5 new journal types.

Plus Pack – This includes everything you get with fast track plus a few extras to help get the most out of Sage Live. Including things like Consolidation Companies, customised Sales Invoice & Purchase Invoice and new tax treatments, codes & rates.

Elite – Again, this option give you everything included above as well as extras to really maximise the impact of Sage Live on your business. Includes in this option are ledger notifications, new transaction types, approvals and workflows. As well as custom reports and dashboards.

We take our training very seriously! We love nothing more than getting to help you guys understand such a new and exciting system. Our expert trainers deliver 3 types of Sage Live training.

Basic User – If you want to learn how to get around the system and use Sage Live day to day then this is the course for you. We cover System Navigation, entering Transactions, running basic Reports and Bank Reconciliation.

Super User – Perfect for your ‘system admin’. We delve much more into how the system works, covering much more around setup and configuration. You will learn how to add new accounts, new ledger accounts, new transactions and posting rules to name but a few.

Reporting – Our favourite! The best thing about Sage Live is the reporting you can get out of it. We can cover Salesforce Reports, Dashboards, Wave Analytics as well as Ledger Analysis. By the end of the training you will be building custom P&L’s, Company Health Dashboards. Trust us, your directors will love you.

Migration is the last step in our implementation. Once we have your system setup and you trained, we need to get your data in!

Basic – This option does what it says on the tin really! We pull in the basic info to get you started. This includes your Accounts, Sales & Purchase Opening Balance as well as the Nominal Opening Balances. This option requires you to file in the CSV for us to import.

Detailed – If you are looking for some detailed reporting, then detailed is for you. Rather than opening balances for Sales & Purchase, we bring in open transactions. On the Nominal Ledger, we bring in periods by period opening balances. Again, you will be required to fill in the CSV files ready for import.

Full – A Full migration involves bringing in a years worth of Sales, Purchase and Nominal Transactions. This give you detailed reporting over the last year all available within Sage Live.

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