Sage Financials: What’s New in Sage Financials September 2019 Upgrade?

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We’re back with another Sage Financials quarterly upgrade, v95 released at the end of September/ beginning of October. This time, v95 is quite a short upgrade with changes to Group VAT Submissions, permission changes to accessing Financials and a few bug fixes. It is also worth noting that this upgrade appears to be a push upgrade, meaning it is automatically pushed to your org.

Access to Sage Financials for non-admin users

You may find that non-admin users will be unable to access Financials once the upgrade has come into place. In order to fix this, you simply turn off a restriction that has been introduced in v95 due to a Salesforce Security update. This will affect access to Custom Metadata Types and Custom Settings. You can find these settings within the Schema settings from the Setup menu.

Group VAT Submissions in Sage Financials (UK)

When you have multiple companies with a single VAT registration number within Sage Financials you can now use the VAT submission tool to submit a VAT return. You will need to download the Sage MTD for VAT application.

Once you have downloaded the application, in order to submit a Group VAT return change the VAT submission type to UK VAT MTD Group for each of your grouped companies. Next, generate a detailed VAT report after creating a draft VAT return for each company. Submit the grouped VAT return once you have used the Group VAT submission tool to compile the figures and lastly, change the VAT submission status to complete for each of the companies on Financials.

Fixes within Sage Financials

v95 fixes the following issues within Sage Financials:

  • Bank feeds and bank reconciliation
    • The error on the matching page when entering a new journal
    • The error message where the bank feed status does not show
  • Sage Pay
    • When transactions were imported from Sage Pay the new sales invoice numbers were incorrectly generated
  • Fixed Assets
    • All previous schedules were changed back to ‘pending’ when the last depreciation journal was deleted
    • The status on the schedule was updated to Processed whilst processing a large number of journals even though not all journals were being created


Despite being quite a small upgrade, v95 has proved to pack a punch with some major improvements to some of the niggling problems users have had with the bank feeds, fixed assets and group VAT submission. We should be welcoming v96 around Christmas time due to Sage moving to quarterly upgrade releases.

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