Sage Live

The Ultimate Cloud Accounting Solution

Sage Live

The Ultimate Cloud Accounting Solution

Sage Live, the future of cloud accounting

Sage Live (now known as Sage Financials), built on the Salesforce platform is the next step in accounting solutions. The automated nature of Sage Live frees up valuable staff time and encourages collaboration across the organisation. The mobile aspect also brings with it a social aspect. Small and medium businesses have access to real time data from the applications vital to their business in one place. Whether that be on their mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

Sage Live - The Ultimate Cloud Accounting Solution - Brought to you by a Sage Live Partner - Sage UK

Sage Live offers real time scoreboards and KPI’s allow you to track your business performance as and when it happens. Allowing you to be proactive, not reactive.

Sage Live - The Ultimate Cloud Accounting Solution - Brought to you by a Sage Live Partner - Sage UK

The days of silo working and miscommunication are over with Sage Live. The integration of thousands of app’s creates a one solution system across the organization.

Sage Live - The Ultimate Cloud Accounting Solution - Brought to you by a Sage Live Partner - Sage UK

The addition of chatter means you can stay in touch whenever and wherever you are. Ensuring commitments are met, you can post comments and follow the news feed.

Features & Advantages

What makes Sage Live different?

  • Work as efficiently as possible by automating your processes.
  • Sage Live has been built using the market leading Salesforce1 cloud platform. This means Sage Live has been designed to work seamlessly, effortlessly and in the most flexible way possible.
  • Integrate with thousands of apps to create the ultimate cloud solution using the Salesforce AppExchange.
  • Say goodbye to manual reports, payments, invoicing and receipts. Sage Live is all about automation.
  • Make use of constant, real-time analytics and flexible, insightful reporting.
  • Drive productivity across your business with the Chatter integration.

Get an advantage with Sage Live

  • Access whenever, wherever. View and edit data, from any connected device in real-time.
  • Unite your favourite apps easily in one versatile cloud hub.
  • Automate processes with Bank Feeds, Approval Processes and Sales to Invoice Workflows to free up your team and avoid errors.
  • Keep everyone updated by sharing business newsfeeds, alerts, reminders and other important updates through Chatter.
  • Utilise current technology by providing your teams with the data the want, on the devices they want it on.
  • Connect multiple systems using the Salesforce API for streamlined business processes
  • Save time on routine tasks, giving you freedom and time to focus on what you do best.
Sage Live is a master of real-time accounting. Sage Live features multiple powerful abilities, allowing you to automate many processes and tasks, freeing you up to focus on the value added tasks. The ability to access Sage Live on multiple devices means you have more freedom than ever before.

Sage Live Integrations

Built on the Salesforce1 platform, there are a number of integrations available  for Sage Live. Whether you are a current Salesforce user, looking to add a seamlessly connected accounting package or have your own custom systems looking for an API integration, Sage Live is a great option. Create invoices instantly by converting a Sales Opportunity or pull transactions down from your third party invoicing system. Sage Live is flexible and easily accessible through the Salesforce1 Platform API.

Automatically scan in your Purchase Invoices or Expense Receipts and have them auto create in the system. Integrate your project management and keep control over your project from start to finish while keeping an eye on the finances too. The possibilities are endless. For more information about available integrations or to talk to us about a bespoke system you would like to integrate get in touch.

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Sage Live Pricing

Sage Live is built to be tailored perfectly to you and your business. We know that not every user needs the same thing from the system and this is reflected in the pricing for Sage Live.

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Sage Live Support

You should want to call us, but hopefully never need to so, we hand pick our support heroes for their love of problem solving and their passion for customer service.

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Sage Live Training

To ensure your organisation gets the most from all Sage Live has to offer, itas has developed a wide range of courses that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

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