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Interactive & Rewarding Sage Live Training

To ensure your organisation gets the most from all Sage Live has to offer, itas has developed a wide range of courses that can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Delivered over one to two days, our courses follow a syllabus designed to provide expert information as well as practical training. Ensuring you leave the session with skills you will actually use.

We choose our expert trainers for their personality and enthusiasm, so you can be sure that the whole experience will be engaging and rewarding.

Sage Live Workplace Training

If you enjoy face-to-face training and find more value in it, we offer workplace training.

One of our expert Sage Live trainers will come out to your business and deliver on-site training for a full day. This full day includes two short breaks as well as time for you to grab some lunch!

Training FAQs

The great thing about our training is that it can be either! We are happy to come out to your business and do the training there. Or, if you want to save on costs, we can hold our training session in a virtual classroom. In our virtual classroom, you still get to interact with the trainer and you also still get to see any presentations or screens you would normal see in an on-site training session.

Sage Live Virtual Classroom Training

We know the flexibility that running a business demands, so our specialist trainers deliver instructor led sessions online as well as in person.

Our virtual classrooms are just as great as our physical ones, the only difference is that you join us from the comfort of your own desk! You can expect a vibrant and engaging session that will keep you on your toes.

Taking a full day out of work can be hard, so our online sessions are delivered in shorter blocks. Allowing you to deliver your day job, and become a Sage Live Wiz! Plus, all our training plans have been approved by our TAP accredited trainer.

We’re always happy to help at itas, so if you’re if your want to discuss what will best suit your needs, get in touch and one of our friendly team will advise you. Our courses can be delivered in the comfort of your own office or via a virtual classroom, so you can learn from your own systems and data.

Sage Live Training Courses

Sage Live Basic User Training

The Sage Live Basic User training consists of 5 key areas:
An introduction to Sage Live – Here you will understand the concept, be introduced to dimensions, tags and posting rules as well as learning how to navigate the Sage Live system.
Sales Ledger – Here you will learn how to add and pay a sales invoice, how to convert sales invoices into credit notes, how to add customers and basic sales reporting.
Purchase Ledger – Here you will learn how to add and pay a purchase invoice, how to convert a purchase invoice in credit notes, how to add supplies, basic purchase reporting and payment processing.
Nominal Ledger – Here you will learn how to enter journals, how to create manual journals and basic nominal reporting.
Cash Book – Finally, you will learn about bank reconcilliation.

Sage Live Reporting Training

Sage Live Reporting Training consists of 3 key areas:
Introduction to Reporting in Sage Live – Here you will start by understanding different report types, adding totals and fields, filters and charts, how to create a report from scratch, how to create a ledger entry report and how to customise aged debt reports.
Intermediate Reporting in Sage Live – Here you will learn how to edit report types, create buckets, add calculations, define data structures, add cross filters, basic ledger analysis, how to create dashboards, how to add conditional formattting, report security and report scheduling.
Advanced Reporting in Sage Live – Finally, you will learn about Sage intelligence reporting, custom Sage reporting for Excel and advanced ledger analysis.

Sage Live Super User Training

A basic user level of competency is expected for the Sage Live Super User Training
WIthin the training you will be learning the following:

  • How to add nominal accounts and understanding ledger structure
  • How to add dimension tags and how they are managed
  • Currencies and exchange rates and how to maintain these on an ongoing basis
  • Revaluation of Sales and Purchase ledger
  • Month end procedures and period management
  • Standard imports of transactions and accounts
  • Explanation of user permissions, profiles and roles
  • Workflows and authorisation rules

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