Announcement Sage Intacct Launch

Announcement: Sage Intacct Accounting Software Launch – Sage Intacct Reseller & Partner

In Sage Intacct by Natalie Mackenzie

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*Update* Since writing this article we are proud to announce that we won the Sage Intacct partner of the year award from Sage. We are the only award-winning Sage Intacct partner in the UK! 

We are delighted to announce that we have been selected to be one of the first exclusive Sage Intacct resellers and partners. Sage Intacct has just been made available to the UK market following its success in the Australian market in August earlier this year. Hannah and Kelly celebrated the Sage Intacct Launch, with Sage leaders at the Tate Modern Museum.

Sage Intacct Launch Event

The team at itas are extremely excited to be part of the Sage Eco-System and are onboard for the release of the new cloud financial management system – Sage Intacct. The product boasts impressive figures and has been rated #1 for customer satisfaction, as well as receiving the illustrious visionary rating from G2 Crowd, making it a preferred solution for many growing businesses. Sage Intacct is a perfect cloud-based solution for those in the professional services industry, particularly Digital and Marketing Agencies and Cleaning, Security & Facilities Management along with those in the Not for Profit, Healthcare, Financial Services and Software & SaaS sectors.

Earlier this year, Sage announced they would not be developing their flagship product, Sage Financials any further, but would develop bug fixes and ensure the product would remain legislatively compliant. Going forward, Sage will be focusing their efforts on its new acquisition of the superior cloud-based financial system – Sage Intacct. For many of our Sage Financials customers, this was devastating news, especially given the strong integrations between Salesforce and Sage Financials. However, Sage Intacct offers a natural migration into the platform, especially with the strong Salesforce integration, the phrase ‘the power couple’ is being banded around the office by our techies. Built on its powerful Core Financials, key modules in Sage Intacct include revenue recognition, global & domestic consolidation, multi-currency and a range of project accounting modules, to name a few! That is not including the growing number of add-ons and enhancements available in the Sage Intacct Marketplace too!

Sage has recently shared their research of the CF0 4.0, where they uncovered that ‘70% of CFOs make decisions based on their gut feeling rather than data. This shocking statement highlights the lack of visibility in senior finance professionals over their data. There is a clear digitisation gap within the sector overall and because of this, CFOs simply do not have the confidence they need to make data-driven decisions within their current accounting software. This has identified a skills gap within the finance sector as a whole, as teams are lacking the knowledge and skill in-house to use the software.

It is apparent that now more than ever, our finance leaders need to be able to harness the latest technologies and incorporate the technology into their growth strategy, to enable the business to grow and flourish in the competitive marketplace. The traditional finance role is evolving from ‘gut instinct’ decisions to a more contemporary style of data-driven decisions.

Recent studies show that many finance professionals use automation as part of their daily accounting tasks. While 63% believe that businesses are not culturally ready for even more automation, with six out of ten worried that automation will take over their role in the future. Therefore, the introduction of new technology needs to be communicated throughout the teams and needs to align with the culture of the organisation for true adoption throughout the levels of the business and not perceived as a threat. For further reading of the challenges of digital transformation and ways to overcome them, read our article on 4 Challenges of Digital Transformation and How to Overcome Them.

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