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What is Sage Intacct?

In Business Management Software, Sage Intacct by Hannah Munro

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In the recent study CFO 3.0, CFOs in the UK had stated that the most difficult aspects of their job are:

  • Financial Innovation – Thinking of new ways to help the business with financial matters (51%)
  • Insight – The lack of real-time financial insight and data available (53%)
  • Integration – Integrating financial and operational information (41%)

The reality is that businesses today need something different. They live in an era of an uncertain political and economic climate. A world where the volumes of data are growing at a stratospheric rate, and the pace of change within all industries are the highest they’ve ever been. Sage Intacct has been built to give finance leaders the tools they need to deliver financial transformation in an uncertain, and ever-changing world.

What is Sage Intacct?

Focused on accelerating the strategic power of the finance team, it has both powerful, financial reporting, deep industry and role-based functionality that can be tailored with the tick of a box, to suit an individual organisation. The flexibility of this approach allows the business to scale up and adapt as it grows.

This ease of implementation also ensures that organisations get a quick ROI on their software investment:

Sage Intacct Customer Success Statistics

A recent quote from verified review site G2 crowd states:

“What I enjoyed best about Sage Intacct is how intuitive it is. I am able to get users fully trained and using the system quickly no matter how little experience they have with accounting software. I have used many accounting software’s and Sage Intacct is by far the easiest system to use and train on.”

Trusted by customers for over 15 years in the US, it has recently been launched in both the UK and Australia, and has the highest customer satisfaction rating against every other product in the midmarket by G2 Crowd.

Built on a cloud-based platform, Sage Intacct has a truly automated upgrade model, rolling out automatic upgrades on a quarterly basis. An added bonus is its ‘buy with confidence’ guarantee. Reassurance that you will never have to worry about the costs or hassle of upgrading your solution, and a guarantee that Sage Intacct is scalable and will always grow with your business.


Designed as a best-of-breed financial management tool, it has a large number of API-based integrations that connect the dots across your organisation without having to sacrifice functionality, or deal with unwieldy spreadsheets, in an effort to pull data from one system to another. It also doesn’t try to be all things to all people but allows you to select the right tools for the job for every team. Whether that’s Salesforce CRM, full project management and resource planning software, or simply choosing the best expense tool for your team. Intacct has a full marketplace of integrations for you to select from.

Last but definitely not least, is its unmatched reporting capabilities. Sage Intacct is multi-dimensional, and in my opinion, it has one of the best in-product financial reporting tools I have ever seen in any finance software. You can analyse across dimensions and time periods, including statistical and financial information, build your own custom financial statements with ease, as well as drill down to see the detail behind the numbers. If you don’t believe me, here’s another recently verified review from independent site G2 Crowd:

 “This product has changed the way we do business. The report wizard tool is simply unmatched. We can create a report to reveal the information we want to see when we want to see it. We don’t feel constrained or limited especially with dimensional flexibility. We appreciate the quarterly updates and the investment that Intacct continues to make in making a better product!”


So, in summary, what makes Intacct so special?

  • Best of breed financial platform
  • Industry focus
  • Born in the cloud
  • Unparalleled reporting
  • Top for customer satisfaction

itas are excited and proud to be the only Sage Intacct Partner of the year winner in the UK. If you are ready to start your financial transformation journey, please request a Sage Intacct Demo or take a look at our free on-demand Sage Intacct Demo (just 25 mins long!).

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