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Which Sage 200 Add-on Would You Choose? – itas Staff Picks Part 1

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Which Sage 200 add on would you choose?

Welcome to Part 1 of our itas Staff Picks series! In this series, I ask the members of our team to find out which Sage 200 add-on they would recommend and why. We have decided to do this to share our expertise and to give you information on add-ons that can really help streamline your processes.

1. Name: Holly Crompton, Support Technician 
Add-on: Excelerator – Codis

Summary of the add-on: excelerator cap 2 staff picksExcelerator is a Microsoft Excel extension that allows seamless interaction with Sage 200. It utilises a two-way integration system, offering you the quickest and easiest ways of importing data into Sage 200. Excelerator harnesses the power of Excel’s familiar autocomplete, calculations, formulas, graphs, and other powerful features to make your life easier. You can edit, create and update purchase orders, stock items, sales invoices and much more using the friendly face of Excel.

Holly, why did you choose this add on?

“I chose this add-on due to the huge amounts of time it saves me when entering information into Sage 200 via Excel. Excelerator allows me to use the functions and formulas within Excel to compile my import file. Whereas with the default Sage templates, I can only use raw data. Also, I can customise the import files to suit any of my needs.”

Visit our Excelerator page to find out more…


2. Name: Hannah Munro, Senior Business Technologist
Add-on: Distribution Manager – Sicon

Summary of the add-on: Distribution Manager offers full integration with the stock module in Sage 200. It is designed to aid the efficiency of distribution organisations by increasing productivity in telesales and utilising forecasting for stock projections.

Hannah, why did you choose this add on?

“Distribution Manager allows our customers to see exactly how much stock they have at any point in time in the future, and exactly when it is going to run out. It can automatically generate Purchase Order suggestions which you can activate at the click of a button and includes both estimated sales and purchase order arrival dates. This can dramatically increase the efficiency of any purchase order department, exactly why I love it!”


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3. Name: Sioned Roberts, Support Technician
Add-on: Spindle Document Distribution – Draycir

Summary of add-on: Spindle Document Distribution allows you to disburse your documentation created in Sage 200 in various ways. These include printing, emailing, faxing and document archiving. Not forgetting, you can also integrate Spindle Document Capture which is a document archiving product also created by Draycir.

Sioned, why did you choose this add on?

“I would recommend Spindle Document Distribution is because it allows me to create aesthetically pleasing documentation produced from Sage 200. You are not limited to the functionality of Sage’s Report Designer and can create backdrops for all of your documents such as invoices, statements, and remittances. It also allows me to send out documents in different ways by the click of one button.”

Visit our Draycir page to find out more…


That concludes Part 1 of our itas Staff Picks! This series is being created specifically to help you, by utilising these add-ons you will be able to save time and be more efficient than ever.

If you did find this blog helpful or use any of this week’s staff picks, please get in touch as we would love to hear from you!

Contact us should you have any questions or queries!

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