6 Ways to Stay Productive in the Office This Winter!

In Office Life, Process Improvement by Kate Jones

Reading Time: 4 minutes

“Winter is coming!”

If the dark mornings are getting you down and the cold air is ruining your motivation, never fear! Here are my top tips for staying productive this winter…

Make sure you break up your day

The average person’s attention span lasts somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes. This means staring at the screen for hours isn’t going to do anything for your productivity levels! A 2-minute walk to the kettle or just a quick check of your emails can help refocus your mind.

Take a few minutes to relax, and then get stuck back in. Chances are you will spot that error you’ve looked for for the last few hours in minutes!

A little exercise goes a long way

If you can muster the strength to go for a jog on those cold winter mornings, then go for it! But, if you’re like me you have a more relaxed attitude to exercise there are some little changes you can make to your routine!

Try a standing desk. Now, I know it doesn’t sound much like exercise but if you stand at your desk, you will burn an extra 100-200 calories per hour! When you take your 2-minute breaks, go for a little walk around the office. The increased movement will keep you feeling fresher and increase productivity!


Ditch the comfort foods

When it’s bleak and miserable outside, the natural thing for many of us is to reach for the sugary drinks and comfort foods. The trouble is these leave you feeling bloated and tired, meaning your productivity levels will be at an all-time low! Enjoy a hearty breakfast, and a light lunch. Soups are great for those nasty winter days when you just can’t get warm.

Keep organised and focused

It may seem like a simple one, but many of us simply don’t manage our workloads well. This can lead to stress and the feeling of ‘where to start’. Planning your tomorrow before you go home at night is a great way of making sure your mind is focused on the day in hand.

It doesn’t have to be a master plan, maybe even a computerised post-it note (we love paperless offices!) with a list of things you need to work through the next day. Another instigator of stress is your email inbox! There is nothing worse than seeing hundreds of emails in your inbox, so why not try to clear it down? Here at itas, we have ‘Dealt With’ folders that we move old emails into. This allows us to create almost a ‘to do’ list of emails in our inbox.


Don’t eat lunch at your desk!

This is something we really try and avoid here at itas. Now you have got your nice healthy lunch, don’t eat it at your desk!

Eating your lunch at your desk means that firstly, you don’t get a real break from work. Which will, of course, reduce your productivity. Secondly, you will feel much more isolated. Eating lunch with colleagues encourages you to be more social and subsequently makes you happier! The happier you are, the more productive you will be… simple!

Recognise accomplishments and appreciate each other

When people feel valued their productivity levels increase. Be sure to recognise colleagues and yourself for achievements. In team meetings, put time aside for thanking colleagues who have helped you out or giving a shout out to someone for something great they did. Giving out praise can feel as good as receiving it. You will feel more connected as a team and overall more productive.

Healthy = Productive

Staying healthy is easier said than done I know, but if you can eat well and get in a little exercise you are much less likely to get ill.  Sick days do nothing for your productivity. Losing a day only puts undue stress on you to get that extra work done. Improving your diet to eat food rich in vitamins is a great place to start. We recently had the flu jab at the office to ensure we are here for you during the winter months!

productive healthy food


I don’t expect anyone to instantly start doing all of these things. But, why not challenge yourself to do one a week… maybe the results would surprise you! 

There you have my 6 top tips for surviving another winter in the office! If you enjoyed today’s blog or would like to give us feedback, please get in touch. We are always happy to talk! Did you know we have a monthly newsletter? The Sage 200 Buzz Newsletter is the ultimate Sage 200 hints and tips newsletter, sent straight to your inbox!