What is the Sicon Manufacturing for Sage 200 Module?

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So, if you’ve made it to this page you’re already off to a good start, you know that Sage 200 has manufacturing capabilities, and you want to find out how this module pack is going to be able to help you and your business.

Sicon Manufacturing is a Sage 200 module pack provided by Sicon to encompass the entire manufacturing process in one easy to use suite directly within Sage 200. The package includes modules to cover all parts of the manufacturing process from Estimating to Quoting & Works Order Processing to Material & Resource Planning will constantly feed information back into a centralised Projects hub where all costs, time, labour & materials can be tracked against individual jobs for accurate profitability reporting.

The Sage 200 Manufacturing Suite Visualized

Why Sicon Manufacturing for Sage 200?

Now you’re probably asking yourself, but why do I need to implement Sicon Manufacturing into my business?

Well, there are a number of different reasons for you to take the next step up in your production processes. Maybe you’ve outgrown your current processes, require a level of traceability that your current system can’t handle, need visibility over resources, or are trying to manage all of your stock and processes in spreadsheets. Then Sicon Manufacturing offers solutions to all these problems and many more.

How can Sicon Manufacturing help me?

Okay! So now that we’ve covered why you might want to implement Sicon Manufacturing into your business let’s take a look at how Sicon’s module pack can solve these problems and the benefits it will bring.

Sage Manufacturing Work Flow


Let’s start with stock traceability, you may be in a position where you not only require the tracking of batch/serial number on goods received but also on completed stock items. Knowing which stock items have been sold and shipped to which customers and crucially what components have been used in what assemblies.

This level of traceability and visibility over your important controlled stock items means that god forbid, if an error does happen you’ll be able to trace it from the source to the end product quickly and easily.



Sicon Manufacturing’s incredibly powerful Material and Resource Planning module take away the stresses of a busy manufacturing business. By pulling data from every area of the Sage system, MRP will quickly identify all of your resource requirements. Then within a few clicks allows you to create Works Orders and Purchase Orders using the information it has gathered from your sales forecasts, sales orders, min stock levels and multiple other data sources.


Another impressive feature of the Material and Resource Planning module is the Capacity Planning tool. By creating your departments, business routes, machine run times, staff levels and hour schedules, the capacity planning tool will give you a clean drill down plan of your labour and machine availability to plan against your Works Orders as well as generate reports for the earliest possible delivery date for a Sales Order or Over Capacity areas.


By linking everything back into a central projects hub, Sicon Manufacturing gives you the power of absolute clarity over your entire process. Projects are your collaborated home of information for each of your jobs by collating data from your Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Works Orders, labour costs, machine usage, estimates, quotes, and final productions you have total visibility over actual costs vs estimates, profitability & ability to fulfil.

What else can Sicon Manufacturing do?

Along with all of its built-in functionalities, Sicon Manufacturing also has the capabilities to connect to various other modules to further enhance the production process.

  • Add in Shop Floor Data Capture to allow real-time capture of operation progress linked directly into the Projects and Works Order Processing Modules on easy-to-use Android devices installed across your production area
  • Use WAP Timesheets to allow staff to log flexible work patterns directly into your system. With time being able to be allocated against specific jobs and activities.
  • Barcoding & Warehousing can greatly simplify your stock receiving and storage processes and allow for pre-allocations to be called off directly to your Works Orders upon stock arriving.

This only begins to scratch the surface of the features that Sage 200 Manufacturing can bring to your business processes.

How can I find out more?

As a multi-award-winning, platinum Sage partner who specialises in Sage 50, Sage 200, & Sage Intacct we are your ideal people to speak to and work with. If you would like to speak to a Sage 200 Manufacturing specialist about how the Sicon Manufacturing package can directly enhance your business you can give us a call on 01824 780000 or email info@itassolutions.co.uk. Alternatively, if you are interested in learning more about Sage 200 Manufacturing, click here where you can learn more, watch an on-demand demo and request a call back from a Sage 200 Manufacturing specialist!