Sage 200 Report of The Month – Summer 2021

In Sage 200 by Callum Edwards

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The evening nights are starting to draw in, the leaves are beginning to scatter over the ground and there’s a slight chill in the air. It can only mean one thing. Summer is over! Don’t be sad, itas are here to cheer you up, with the latest Sage 200 reports. So, grab a cup of hot chocolate and have a read.

If you have seen one of our report of the month blogs before, feel free to skip ahead to the good stuff. If this is your first time, keep on reading.

“What’s report of the month” you ask? Well, let me tell you! Every month the boffins at Sage take a look at the requests and suggestions they have received from their business partners and end users. They take the ideas they have received and create reports or layouts to improve the quality and efficiency of your work. The reports cover the majority of modules across Sage such as Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Nominal Ledger, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Cash Book & Stock.

At the beginning of each quarter, we release a post to tell you all about the latest reports. We also include screenshots of the reports, links to where you can them and a little description of what each report does. Giving you the easy decision as to whether or not the report will be beneficial to you and your organisation.

If you like the sound of our report of the month blogs and want to see what other reports are available then click here, to see our previous post.

What are you waiting for? Take a look!

All the reports available are compatible with Sage 200cloud Ver. 8 (2011 Service Pack 7) onwards unless otherwise stated.

July: SOP Invoiced Free Text Items

Module: Sales Order Processing

We kick off with a report for the Sales Order Processing module. A report that shows all the free text invoiced items and which customer they were for. It shows the quantity and unit price of the item and also the line total for the items.

July 2021 Report

This report is useful for making sure there are no mistakes being made. It is easy to enter an incorrect amount or quantity when entering free text items and values.

The following fields in this report are:

  • Customer Account Number
  • Customer Name
  • Invoice/Credit Note Date
  • Invoice/Credit Note Number
  • Item Description
  • Quantity
  • Unit Price
  • Line Total

August: Monthly Invoiced Products Grouped by Sales Ledger Analysis 1

Module: Sales Order Processing

Software: Sage 200 Professional (2015 or above) / Standard / Sage for Education

Another one for the Sales Order Processing Module. This report shows monthly invoiced products grouped by the Sales Ledger Analysis 1 field.

August Report

A great way to see which products are selling well for particular months.

The following fields in this report are:

  • Stock Code
  • Month and Year
  • No. of Invoices
  • Quantity
  • Net Amount
  • Customer Account Manager

September: Sales Ledger Emails and Roles

Module: Sales Ledger

It’s all about the Sales Ledger in this last report. This simple yet very useful report that pulls through all of your existing customers contact emails along with their associated roles. Making it simple to send out information to the people who matter most. As they say, the customer is always right…

The following fields in this report are:

  • Customer Account Number
  • Customer Name
  • Email Address
  • Role
  • Preferable Contact

Want to know where you can find these reports? 

If you think these reports could be beneficial to you and want to find out more, please click here. We recommend taking some time to look through the full list of reports that are available. A good report could save you and your colleagues a lot of time and effort.

Sage’s website separates the reports into different sections which include the Report of the Month, Archive, Free of Charge Report Library, and the Wish List Report Library.

The Free of Charge Report Library are reports which Sage has created and made readily available to download for free. These are listed under each module in Sage 200cloud for you to access and look through with ease.

The Wish List Report Library is similar to the Free of Charge Report Library. They are also free but have been requested in the Ideas Hub from Sage 200cloud Customers. Sage has made these available and again, has listed them per module.

After you have downloaded the report you want, you can use our guide, “How to add a Report to your Menu”. Please click here to see a full list of our help and user guides, including “How to add a Reports to your Menu”.

Request a report from Sage. 

If you can’t find the report you were looking for or want a report that’s a little more tailored to you, you can request a report from Sage. You have to be a member of Sage 200cloud Services to receive this benefit. If you are, you can request three free reports from Sage annually. See our list of help and user guides on how to request your free report. If you have any questions about reporting in Sage 200cloud, or would like to learn to build your own reports why not take a look at our Sage 200 Report Designer Course!