Sage 200 Modules: 5 Features of Commercials that you may not know about

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Sage 200 Professional is a powerful ERP with features and functionality buried in the depths of ledgers and menus. In this blog, we’ll be taking an overview of these features; examining their benefits and the situations where they shine.

Drop Shipping (Direct to Customer)

Module: Sales Order Processing / Purchase Order Processing

If you’ve got the feeling that a small warehouse is bottlenecking your business, drop shipping skips the warehouse entirely. This ultimately frees some of your sales and purchases from the constraint of a busy warehouse by raising your Sales Order for an item that is delivered directly to the customer. Allowing for a purchase order to then be directly raised for these items.

Please note, that the delivery address on the Purchase Order will be the address of your customer.

The main benefit of drop shipping is that you can sell physical items without a storefront or warehouse. From garden equipment to phone chargers, the overheads of storing bulky items are avoided by delivering directly to the customer.

For more information on drop shipping and how to implement it, why not check out our guide – Drop the Confusion and Start Using Drop Shipping in Sage 200!

Analysis Codes

Module: All

Sage 200 includes all the usual data fields you would expect for stock items, customers, suppliers and nominal records and facilitates reporting on all of them. However, did you know that the system also allows you to create up to 20 additional analysis codes which enable further analysation?  Reports can be amended to use analysis codes as another filter, providing a deeper insight into your data.

Listed below are just a couple of examples of reports that could be transformed with a single query code, or even a combination of codes.

  • Monthly Sales by Product – Associate each SOP sale with a salesperson analysis code and you can see the big hitters in your sales team!
  • Supplier List – Create an analysis code for each department and the Orders and Returns provides you with purchase data by department.

For more information about analysis codes and how to integrate and make the most of them in your business, check our guide – Improve your Reporting using Analysis Codes in Sage 200c

Maintain CUstomer Analysis Codes

Batch & Serial number traceability

Module: Stock

Are you using an accounts package and dealing with products that you need to be able to track and trace?  And are you recording your order/invoice in your accounts package and then tracking the product movements with serial numbers in Excel?


Take a look at Sage 200 and configure traceability to trace stock in a simple and seamless manner, all within your Sage 200 system.  Keep a record of a product’s supplier and every step between there and the final customer via a serial or batch number or combination.

You can also set up additional attributes which will provide an extra level of control and visibility over your stock.  Sell-by dates, use-by dates, and custom batch attributes like supplier lot codes or inspected-by codes push this functionality even further. If you’re manufacturing items with Sage and use Stock Control’s traceability feature alongside Work Orders and or Bill of Materials, this will affect how batch & serial numbers will be integrated, as you will be producing stock as opposed to buying it.

Add New Product Group

Add new Product Group - Batch Attributes

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Module: Nominal

Sage 200 has an incredibly handy accruals feature, allowing you to account for an anticipated expense within the periods you used the service, instead of being hit with the full value of the invoice in the month you are billed. Think insurance, utilities, rent, or any expense that is a single bill that covers a larger period of time.

Once set up and posted, it will post journals between an expense on the P&L and an accrual (liability code) on your balance sheet for the number of months you wish to spread the cost over.  In the final month, it will reverse out the full amount of the accruals automatically. All you have to do is post your bill as normal to the relevant expense code.

If that explanation is hard to visualise, see the table below for how an accrual would look in Sage.

Jan Feb March
JC Accruals £50
JD Expense £50
JC Accruals £50
JD Expense £50
JC Accruals £50
JD Expense £50
JC Accruals £150
JD Expense £150
PL Expense £172
£50 Expense £50 Expense £72 Expense

Generate Purchase Orders

Version: Commercials

Module: Purchase Order Processing

The ‘Generate Purchase Orders’ option makes it easier to keep on top of your current stock levels.  Never end up short again!  You can set your re-order levels on products at their warehouses and the ‘Generate Orders’ option will order what you need, whilst taking any unfulfilled sales orders into consideration.  It uses the preferred supplier set against the stock record but if there’s a better price or quicker delivery with another supplier, you have the option to change it.

So once you’ve confirmed the orders’ items, it’s just one click of a button and all purchase orders are created for your various suppliers with all products accumulated together.  All that’s left to do is to submit these orders, put your feet up and enjoy the weekend.

Sage 200 Generate Orders in Menu

Sage 200 Generate Purchase Orders


Commercials is a powerful core module that expands the scope of Sage 200 and provides more customisation tools to create a close-fitting accounting suite. We hope this blog helps you get the most out of your Commercials package! If you have any questions about integrating any features we’ve discussed, please contact your business partner. We’re a multi-award-winning Sage Partner that offers Sage 200 Training and Sage 200 Support, we also offer free downloadable help guides for Sage 200 that can help you with a number of different processes within Sage 200.

If you don’t currently have Sage 200 you can learn more about it here, or if you would like to get in touch with us, you can do here.

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