Sage 200 Standard Product Update – February 2023

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It’s that time of year again, no not Valentine’s Day, (although it is Pancake Tuesday!) but it’s the release of the Sage 200 Standard Product Update.

If you weren’t already aware, Sage often releases an update enhancing the Sage products, and now is time for the latest release for Sage 200 Standard!

In this update, Sage has introduced several ‘most voted features by customers’ which have been submitted on the Ideas Hub, (you see they do act upon ideas you and I put forward)! They have also made major improvements on the API endpoints to make integrating with third-party software a whole lot easier.

So what’s new in Sage 200 Standard?

  • Extended import capabilities – You can now import Vatable Nominal Journals!  
  • Greater flexibility when it comes to managing warehouses or stock changes and updates – Increased length of Part numbers and the ability to change warehouses associated with multiple items.

  • Alert management, to improve the communication flow within purchase operations.

  • Up to 20 analysis codes available modules (currently 5)

  • API Updates

Maintenance updates

On a regular basis, we maintain cloud connected features and functionality, such as Bank Feeds, Invoice
Payment systems (such as Stripe, Paypal and Go Cardless), Opayo plus Salary and Supplier Payments
(powered by Modulr). To maintain compatibility with Sage 200 we regularly test the integration and functionality of
these features, to continuously deliver a seamless integration.

To see a full list of changes coming take a look at the following link which will be updated soon: What’s New in Sage 200

Do you want to see what else is being considered for future releases well check out the Sage Product Road Map where you can see all updates/features being considered for future releases of not only Sage 200 Standard but Sage 200 Professional, Sage 50cloud Accounts and Payroll, and Sage Practice Solutions.


How do we install the update in Sage 200 Standard?

Don’t worry, this will happen automatically overnight! On 20th February Sage will deploy the update.  All you need to do is open your software in the morning as normal and you will be prompted to install the update.  Follow the onscreen instructions and in a flash, you’re fully up to date.

Please note you might need the help of your IT Support for admin access.

If you have any questions about the newest update in Sage 200 Standard or Sage 200 Professional please don’t hesitate to get in touch! If you’re wondering what Sage 200 Standard is, you can learn more about the cloud solution here. Also, if you’re curious about the differences between Sage 200 Standard and Sage 200 Professional we have a great blog that highlights the key differences!

Don’t forget we have a huge range of Sage 200 help guides all free to download whether you’re an itas customer or not! Please feel free to download and if you have any ideas for new guide topics please let us know.

Finally, if you want further information on Sage 50cloud Payroll and bringing your payroll in-house, give us a call at 01824 780 000 or drop an e-mail to and we’ll get one of our Sage 50cloud Payroll consultants to call you back!