5 ways the Sage Intacct & Salesforce integration is better than your typical middleware or API integrations

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If you are currently using Salesforce you may be thinking about streamlining your Opp to invoice workflow and looking at the options that are available to integrate your accounting software to Salesforce. Or perhaps you are using an existing middleware solution and you are wondering if there is a better way? Don’t worry about either situation, we can help!

1. Flexibility to trigger from workflow or manually

One of the things I love about the Sage Intacct and Salesforce integration is that it offers you the flexibility to either trigger automatically from an opp workflow or to actually pop the Intacct transaction screens from within salesforce. All the benefits of an ERP system without having to compromise on the platforms you use. So how does it work? Depending on your preferences you can either create the transaction automatically from the opportunity itself, pulling across the opportunity item lines as well as mapping across any required fields from the opp OR you can choose to default the fields but actually open the invoice screen by clicking on a button on the opportunity.

2. Pop Salesforce reports up from within Sage Intacct

Give your team visibility of the current status of an account with the ability to pop up aged debt and Sage Intacct transaction reports from a button on the accounts page. Use this information to support good account management and ensuring your credit control is top-notch!

3. Chatter

Talking of credit control and communication, another awesome feature that is not available within your standard accounting software to Salesforce integration is the chatter/collaborate function. With the Sage Intacct advanced CRM connector you can use the messaging tools to comment at a transactional level and have that pull through on both sides. For example, perhaps you have an invoice you are struggling to get paid. Your finance team can @mention the salesperson managing that account from within Intacct, asking them to speak to the customer on their next account call. The salesperson does so and responds within salesforce with an update from the customer. The great thing is that not only do you have the traceability through the system but your team are using their specific systems rather than having to do things via email – Win-Win!

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4. Custom objects

The Sage Intacct to Salesforce integration not only allows the push of orders, quotes and invoices from Salesforce to Intacct but also holds the information within Salesforce itself. In fact, the integration can also be used to sync/create projects and contract information as well rather than using pure opp to order or opp to invoice process. This is all possible because as part of the setup we create a number of custom objects to allow us to not only pull but push data back into Salesforce so your sales team have visibility. Custom fields can also be synced on both sides giving you the ability to tailor both your Salesforce and your Intacct system.

5. Salesforce administrator managed

One of the awesome things about the way the connector works is that it doesn’t need a developer to build it. It can be deployed within days not months and as a salesforce administrator, you can have control over the setup! You can choose the objects to sync, and how you want to trigger. Plus the system can change as your business and salesforce processes do. In addition, if you need to sync across a new custom field for workflow or reporting purposes you don’t need to get the dev team. Simply map the new field across and you are done. We also have the option for a Sage Intacct sandbox, so you can test to your heart’s content!


Don’t forget that the advanced CRM connector is covered by Sage’s buy with confidence guarantee and is fully tested with both Sage Intacct and Salesforce upgrades.

So if you would like to explore the Sage Intacct to salesforce integration, why not check out our on-demand demos here, or book a call with one of our Sage Intacct specialists to talk about how Sage Intacct can help your business and answer questions you may have about the Salesforce integration. Click here to book a call. Alternatively, if you would like to do some further reading on the Sage Intacct and Salesforce integration, you can read our blog on FAQs around the Sage Intacct & Salesforce integration.

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