Playing in the Sage Intacct Sandbox

In Sage Intacct by Emma Unwin

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Your Sage Intacct accounting system is an integral part of your business and to change something about it can sometimes feel daunting, this is where the Sage Intacct sandbox would come in handy.

What is a sandbox?

A Sandbox is basically a play area in which you can try things out, make mistakes and build processes out before being deployed to Production.

What is the Sage Intacct sandbox?

A Sage Intacct sandbox is a replica environment of your Sage Intacct production instance containing all your real-life data, customizations, and configuration, at the time of the request. This allows your business to meet its growth potential, with there being a constant training environment to improve your employee’s knowledge of the system and an environment to expand your Sage Intacct’s functionality with add-ons and integrations, to meet the business’s growth.

What happens when my Sage Intacct sandbox and my production instance do not align?

There may come a time when you need to refresh your Sage Intacct sandbox, so it aligns with your Sage Intacct production’s transactional data, customizations and configuration settings. To refresh your sandbox, you will need to log a ticket on the community under the feature request option, selecting the type of ‘Sandbox’ and request the type of ‘Refresh’. Alternatively, if you reach out to your support team, they will be able to request this on your behalf. You are allowed to have four (4) refreshes of your Sage Intacct sandbox during the sandbox subscription period.

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What are the benefits of having a sandbox in Sage Intacct?

A sandbox can prove to be very valuable in a number of different scenarios. Here are a few ways that you can use a sandbox:

  • While setting up Intacct, it lets you test the system without cluttering your Sage Intacct production instance with test transactional data, ready for your go-live.
  • When you are then live and using your production instance, if you have new employees, they can use the Sage Intacct sandbox to get up to speed more quickly. They can use this to test different day to day scenarios in your sandbox and get used to the new system without the fear of corrupting your Intacct production instance if mistakes are made. As they will have a replica of your production instance, this will make the switch to Sage Intacct a lot smoother for your new employees as will already be familiar with your actual transactional data.
    • This can also save you money, as an employee would not need a licence until they are set up in the Sage Intacct production instance.
  • You can use your Intacct sandbox to test and train on new features from the quarterly releases without any risk to your production instance.

The most beneficial use of the Intacct sandbox is to pilot new processes, such as add-ons, integrations or configuration changes. This will give you the assurance of being able to test these changes without any unexpected impacts on your production data. You can turn features on, test them and then if you find the feature does cause errors or does not work how you intended, you have the option of refreshing your sandbox and reverting back to your current setup, without any impact to your production instance.

When enabling Sage Intacct integrations, the sandbox gives you the option to check its stability and eliminate any errors you may find later down, which would corrupt your transactional data.

What happens if I don’t have a sandbox?

Businesses without a sandbox environment have a very difficult time adapting to changing conditions. Without a safe, realistic Sage Intacct environment for testing or training, they risk compromising their data.

Sage Intacct has reported the following results from their customers using the sandbox:

CFOs of growing organisations describe the Sage Intacct sandbox as a must-have in order to meet their long term objectives.”

“Customers reported 2x faster time-to-solution process improvement when using the sandbox.”

“Customers reported saving hours by testing methods and processes in the sandbox.”

How do I get my hands on a sandbox?               

If you reach out to your account manager either from your support partner, or your account manager here at itas they will be happy to help you! If you have any questions or queries please feel free to reach out to us on 01824 780000 or email us on o1824 780000.

If you do not currently have Sage Intacct and are just looking to learn about the sandbox and Sage Intacct generally, we have a range of resources you may find useful! Access our Sage Intacct webinars here, learn more about which product is right for your industry here and watch an on-demand demo of Sage Intacct in your own time here. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to a Sage Intacct specialist, you can get in touch with us here.

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